Caterpillar 329D L Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of Caterpillar 329D L Hydraulic Excavator


  • Shipping Length Of Unit: 34.16ft in
  • Shipping Height Of Unit: 11.92ft in
  • Max Cutting Height: 33.79ft in
  • Max Loading Height: 23.31ft in
  • Max Reach Along Ground: 36.6ft in
  • Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 21.63ft in
  • Max Digging Depth: 25.7ft in


  • Track Gauge: 17.36ft in
  • Shoe Size: 31.5in
  • Max Travel Speed: 3.3mph
  • Number Of Track Rollers Per Side: 9
  • Number Of Shoes Per Side: 50
  • Number Of Carrier Rollers Per Side: 2
  • Drawbar Pull: 55977.43lb

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Make: 2236
  • Engine Model: C7 ACERT
  • Net Power: 202hp
  • Displacement: 439.4cu in

Operational Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 64463.2lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 137.4gal
  • Cooling System Fluid Capacity: 8gal
  • Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity: 81.9gal
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 8gal
  • Swing Drive Fluid Capacity: 2.7gal
  • Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure: 5076.4psi
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 62.1gal/min

Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Torque: 60628lb ft
  • Swing Speed: 10.2rpm


  • Reference Bucket Capacity: 1.5yd3
  • Minimum Bucket Capacity: 1.3yd3
  • Maximum Bucket Capacity: 3.4yd3

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum digging depth of the Caterpillar 329D L?

The maximum digging depth is 25.7 feet.

What is the net power of the engine?

The net power of the engine is 202 horsepower.

How many track rollers are there per side?

There are 9 track rollers per side.

What is the fuel capacity?

The fuel capacity is 137.4 gallons.

What is the operating weight?

The operating weight is 64463.2 pounds.

Caterpillar 329D L: A Comprehensive Review

A Glimpse into the Caterpillar 329D L Hydraulic Excavator

Manufactured by Caterpillar, the 329D L is a hydraulic excavator designed for heavy-duty operations.

The Nuts and Bolts

The engine boasts a net power of 202hp and a displacement of 439.4cu in. The machine has an operating weight of 64463.2lb, making it a robust choice for various applications.

On the Field

The 329D L offers excellent performance with a maximum digging depth of 25.7ft and a max travel speed of 3.3mph. Its hydraulic system is also highly efficient, with a flow capacity of 62.1gal/min.

Cutting-Edge Features

The excavator comes with advanced hydraulic systems and a powerful engine, ensuring optimal performance. The swing mechanism is also noteworthy, with a torque of 60628lb ft.

Can You Rely on It?

The 329D L is a reliable machine with a sturdy build and high-quality components. Its hydraulic system relief valve pressure stands at 5076.4psi, indicating a well-designed hydraulic system.

Bang for Your Buck

When compared to similar models, the 329D L offers good value for money, given its robust specifications and reliable performance.

The Good and the Bad

  • Pros: High engine power, efficient hydraulic system, and excellent digging capabilities.
  • Cons: May be on the heavier side, which could be a concern for some applications.

Ideal Working Conditions

The 329D L is best suited for heavy-duty excavation and construction work. It performs exceptionally well in various terrains and weather conditions.

The Final Word

The Caterpillar 329D L Hydraulic Excavator is a powerful and reliable machine that offers excellent performance and features. It is a worthwhile investment for those in need of a heavy-duty excavator.