Ford 6610 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of Ford 6610 Farm Tractor


  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Type: Utility tractor
  • Original Price: $24,500 in 1993
  • Market: South African market tractors were equipped with an ADE 236T diesel engine.


  • Engine Type: Ford 4.4L 4-cyl diesel
  • Engine (gross): 82 hp (61.1 kW)
  • Engine: 78.5 hp (58.5 kW)


  • Types: 8-speed, 8-speed synchromesh, 16-speed partial power shift, 16-speed synchromesh partial power shift


  • PTO (claimed): 72 hp (53.7 kW)
  • Drawbar (tested): 61.37 hp (45.8 kW)
  • PTO (tested): 72.30 hp (53.9 kW)


  • Drive: Two- or four-wheel drive
  • Differential Lock: Mechanical rear
  • Steering: Power steering
  • Brakes: Differential mechanical wet disc brakes
  • ROPS: Two-post ROPS, Cab optional with air-conditioning


  • Fuel: 21 gal (79.5 L)
  • Hydraulic System: 15 gal (56.8 L)


  • Type: Open center
  • Pressure: 2500 psi (172.4 bar)
  • Valves: 1
  • Pump Flow: 9.7 gpm (Series I), 18.2 gpm (Series II)

Hitch and PTO

  • Rear Type: II
  • Rear Lift: 4137 lbs (1876 kg)
  • Rear PTO: Independent
  • Rear RPM: 540, 540/1000 Opt

Dimensions and Tires

  • 2WD Wheelbase: 87.5 inches (222 cm)
  • 4WD Wheelbase: 88.8 inches (225 cm)
  • Weight: 5695 to 7300 pounds
  • Front Tire: 7.50-16
  • Rear Tire: 16.9-30

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original price of the Ford 6610 tractor?

The original price was $24,500 in 1993.

What types of transmissions are available?

The tractor comes with various transmission options including 8-speed, 8-speed synchromesh, 16-speed partial power shift, and 16-speed synchromesh partial power shift.

What is the engine power?

The gross engine power is 82 hp, and the net engine power is 78.5 hp.

What is the fuel capacity?

The fuel capacity is 21 gallons.

What is the hydraulic system capacity?

The hydraulic system has a capacity of 15 gallons.

What is the rear lift capacity?

The rear lift capacity is 4137 lbs.

What are the available PTO speeds?

The available PTO speeds are 540 and 540/1000 as an option.

A Workhorse for the Modern Farm

The Ford 6610 is a utility tractor manufactured by Ford. It was in production from 1982 to 1993 and was priced at $24,500 in its final year.

Key Specifications

The tractor is powered by a Ford 4.4L 4-cylinder diesel engine that delivers a gross horsepower of 82 and a net horsepower of 78.5. It offers multiple transmission options, including an 8-speed and 16-speed partial power shift.


The Ford 6610 performs exceptionally well in various farming tasks. Its engine provides sufficient power for heavy-duty operations, and the multiple transmission options make it versatile for different types of work.


One of the notable features is its hydraulic system with a capacity of 15 gallons and a pressure of 2500 psi. It also offers power steering and mechanical rear differential lock for better control.


The tractor is known for its robust build and reliable performance. The mechanical aspects are well-designed, making it a durable choice for long-term use.

Value for Money

Considering its features and performance, the Ford 6610 offers good value for money. Its original price was quite competitive, and it delivers on all fronts, from power to versatility.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile transmission options
  • Strong engine performance
  • Reliable and durable


  • May be considered outdated compared to newer models
  • Fuel efficiency could be improved

Best Suited For

The Ford 6610 is best suited for medium to large-scale farming operations. Its strong engine and versatile features make it ideal for tasks like plowing, harvesting, and towing.

Final Thoughts

The Ford 6610 stands as a testament to Ford’s engineering excellence. It offers a good balance of power, versatility, and reliability, making it a valuable asset for any farming operation.