Massey Ferguson 135 Cleaning Questions

How to Clean Rotor Cap 135 Massey Ferguson

Most tractor owners clean their rotor caps with sandpaper. There is nothing complicated or wrong with cleaning a Massey Ferguson 135 rotor cap, though there are some things that you also need to be wary of. For one, note that a cap comes with coatings that are found on the electrodes. The purpose of this is to retard the formation of deposit and oxidation.

You may expect though that you may not be able to expect the same service life from a cleaned cap as what you would expect out of a new one. Still, a cleaned rotor cap will work just fine. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Locate the rotor cap and plug the cables out 
  2. Remove the cap. This can be done by unscrewing the two screws located on each side of the cap, releasing them by gently pulling them up.
  3. Use a soft abrasive rub piece to clean the terminals. This will remove buildups of carbon or oxidation. 
  4. Spray on some contact cleaner to the internal contacts of the cap.
  5. Dry out the rotor cap.

After cleaning, you can assemble it right back by putting the cleaned rotor back in place. 


How to Get Air Out of Diesel Lines and Pump on 1975 Massey Ferguson 135 Diesel

Even though conventional tune-ups are not really needed for this diesel engine, fuel filter maintenance is vital for proper operation, especially with the injection system. After changing both fuel filters, it is most likely that air has already gone inside the fuel system, which means that the filter, as well as the fuel system, should be bled to make sure that the engine will properly run. 

  1. Twist the valve that is located on the fuel petcock that can be found at the fuel tank bottom clockwise to turn the fuel supply to the engine off. 
  2. Prepare a drain pan beneath the fuel filters on the left side of the engine. Then, loosen the thumb nuts on the screws located beneath both the housings of the fuel filter, and simply allow the fuel in the housing to completely drain to the pan. 
  3. Open fuel petcock and wait until the filter housings are filled. Then, move the lever to the side back and forth manually until fuel leaks out below the housings. Tighten the screws by hand.
  4. Loosen the screw located on the lower side of the fuel injector pump using a wrench. Then, the lever should be moved back and forth until fuel comes out, tightening the screw back after 
  5. Loosen the screw on the upper side, repeating the same process with the lower part. 
  6. Loosen the diesel line that is located on the fuel injector to the nearest cylinder on the firewall using a wrench. You can then turn over the engine as the engine starts, and tighten the fuel injector line after noticing that fuel is seeping out. 

How to Clean the Hydraulic Screen on Massey Ferguson 135?

Cleaning the hydraulic screen on Massey Ferguson 135 is important as it helps you achieve the maximum potential of your tractor. If this is just your first time cleaning the screen, well, you should be glad to know that the cleaning process is not tedious. You can carry out the task and you would be surprised that you can actually do it diligently. This is how you clean the hydraulic screen on Massey Ferguson 135:

  • Start the process of cleaning by putting the hydraulic screen in a solvent tank. Maximize the solvent to initiate the cleaning of the screen.
  • Wash it off while you get a small brush to eliminate any dirt and debris. You will see that the solvent will act on dispersing the dirt. Hence, be reasonable with the amount of application.
  • Once you are done cleaning the screen the next thing to do is dislodge the remaining solvent from the screen.
  • Rush the hydraulic fluid right into the bucket and put the screen into it.
  • Allow the screen to swish in the fluid for several minutes as this will help in taking out hints of solvent.
  • Reinsert the screen.


How to Remove Rust from 135 Massey Ferguson Fuel Tank?

You must learn the basic maintenance of your Massey Ferguson. Here are the steps on how to remove rust from 135 Massey Fergu son fuel tank:

  • Detach the fuel line from the so-called sediment bowl. You will then see two long bolts beneath the tank right on the radiator end.
  • Take the bolts out and see to it that you catch the washers and spring when you detach the bolts.
  • At the back of the battery are another two bolts. Simply elevate it and take them out.
  • Liftoff the sediment bowl. You may either replace or clean the screen in the sediment bowl.
  • Use any tank cleaning kit. However, just see to it that the tank is dry and free from dirt before lining it.
  • When putting back the tank on MF135, set the tank first, detach the fuel line from the carb, connect the sediment bowl in the end part of the line.
  • Get the line connected again to the carb to make sure you did not screw anything.
  • About the water present in the gas, the best thing to do is check the tank if it is off and start from there.