Mccormick Intl Ztx260

Mccormick Intl Ztx260 Production

Manufacturer: McCormick Intl

Factory: Doncaster, England

Years Built: unknown

Mccormick Intl Ztx260 Engine

Cummins, turbocharged diesel, 6-cylinder, 506.5 ci [8.3 L]

Power: 260 hp [193.9 kW]

Drawbar: 173.0 hp [129.0 kW]

Bore: 4.4882×5.31 inches [114 x 135 mm]

Air Cleaner: dual paper elements

Compression: 17.5:1

Rated RPM: 1000

Starter volts: 12

Mccormick Intl Ztx260 Transmission

Transmission: XtraSpeed-E

Gears: 36 forward and 16 reverse


Mccormick Intl Ztx260 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 120.08 inches [305 cm]

Weight: 22491 lbs [10201 kg]

Mccormick Intl Ztx260 Mechanical

Chassis: 4×4 MFWD 4WD

Steering: hydrostatic power

Brakes: wet disc

Cab: standard

Mccormick Intl Ztx260 Hydraulics

HydraulicsType: PFC

HydraulicsValves: 1 to 5

HydraulicsPumpFlow: 29.1 gpm [110.1 lpm]