Bobcat S850 Specs & Review

Specification Category Details
Dimensions Length With Bucket: 12.31ft
Width Over Tires: 6.58ft
Height To Top Of Cab: 6.95ft
Wheelbase: 4.41ft
Length W/O Bucket: 9.94ft
Reach At Max Lift And Dump: 29.7in
Engine Gross Power: 100hp
Cooling System: Liquid
Aspiration: Turbo Dieselbocharged
Operational Operational Weight: 10008lb
Fuel Capacity: 32.8gal
Max Speed: 7.1mph
Loader Operating Load Rating: 3950lb
Tipping Angle: 7900degrees
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 23gal/min

What are the dimensions of the Bobcat S850 Skid Steer Loader?

The Bobcat S850 has a length with bucket of 12.31ft, width over tires of 6.58ft, height to the top of the cab of 6.95ft, and a wheelbase of 4.41ft. Without the bucket, its length is 9.94ft. The reach at maximum lift and dump is 29.7 inches.

What are the engine specifications of the Bobcat S850?

The Bobcat S850 is powered by an engine with a gross power of 100hp. The engine uses a liquid cooling system and is turbo dieselbocharged.

What is the operational weight and fuel capacity of the Bobcat S850?

The operational weight of the Bobcat S850 is 10,008lb, and it has a fuel capacity of 32.8 gallons.

What is the maximum speed of the Bobcat S850?

The maximum speed of the Bobcat S850 is 7.1mph.

What are the loader specifications of the Bobcat S850?

The operating load rating for the loader is 3,950lb, and it has a tipping angle of 7900 degrees.

What are the hydraulic specifications of the Bobcat S850?

The pump flow capacity of the hydraulic system is 23 gallons per minute.

The Bobcat S850 is a high-performance skid steer loader from Bobcat, a brand synonymous with quality and durability in the construction industry.

Key Specifications:

This skid steer loader is powered by a 100hp engine and has an operational weight of 10,008lb. It boasts a fuel capacity of 32.8 gallons and a hydraulic pump flow capacity of 23 gallons per minute.


With its powerful engine and robust build, the Bobcat S850 offers exceptional performance in various construction tasks. Its maximum speed of 7.1mph ensures quick and efficient operations on site.


The S850 comes with a tipping angle of 7900 degrees, ensuring stability during loading and unloading. Its hydraulic system is designed for efficiency, making it suitable for tasks that require precision and power.


Bobcat is known for producing reliable machinery, and the S850 lives up to this reputation. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of daily construction work.

Value for Money:

Given its features, performance, and the brand’s reputation, the Bobcat S850 offers excellent value for money, especially when compared to other skid steer loaders in its class.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Powerful performance, reliable construction, efficient hydraulic system.
Cons: Might be on the pricier side for some budgets.

Best Suited For:

The Bobcat S850 is best suited for construction sites that require efficient loading and unloading tasks. Its design makes it ideal for terrains that demand stability and power.

The Bobcat S850 Skid Steer Loader is a testament to Bobcat’s commitment to quality and performance. For construction professionals seeking a reliable and powerful loader, the S850 is an excellent choice.