John Deere 6030 Specs & Review

Specification Category Details
Production Manufacturer: John Deere
Row-Crop tractor
Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Total built: 4,028 (3,983 turbo, 45 natural)
Original price: $29,000 in 1977
Engine John Deere 8.7L 6-cyl diesel
Transmission 8-speed partially synchronized
Power PTO (claimed): 175 hp (turbo) / 141 hp (natural)
Drawbar (tested): 148.70 hp
PTO (tested): 175.99 hp
Mechanical Two-wheel drive
Differential lock: hydraulic-actuated
Power steering
Differential hydraulic wet disc brakes
Open operator station (Cab optional with air-conditioning)
Capacity Fuel: 73 gal (276.3 L)
Hydraulic system: 16 gal (60.6 L)
Hydraulics Type: closed center
Capacity: 16 gal (60.6 L)
Valves: 2
Pump flow: 22 gpm (83.3 lpm)
Tractor Hitch Rear Type: III/II
Rear lift: 5910 lbs (2680 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO) Rear PTO: independent
Rear RPM: 1000
Engine RPM: 1000@2051
Dimensions & Tires Wheelbase: 104 inches (264 cm)
Weight: 18,180 lbs (8246 kg)
Front tire: 9.50-20
Rear tire: 20.8-38
Electrical Ground: negative
Charging system: alternator
Charging amps: 55 (78 Opt)
Batteries: 2
Battery volts: 6

What is the production history of the John Deere 6030?

The John Deere 6030 was produced between 1972 and 1977. It was manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. A total of 4,028 units were built, with 3,983 being turbo and 45 being natural. The original price was $29,000 in 1977.

What are the engine specifications of the John Deere 6030?

The tractor is powered by a John Deere 8.7L 6-cylinder diesel engine.

What is the transmission type of the John Deere 6030?

The John Deere 6030 has an 8-speed partially synchronized transmission.

What are the power ratings of the John Deere 6030?

The PTO (claimed) power is 175 hp for the turbo version and 141 hp for the natural version. The drawbar tested power is 148.70 hp, and the PTO tested power is 175.99 hp.

What are the hydraulic specifications of the John Deere 6030?

The hydraulic system type is closed center with a capacity of 16 gallons. It has 2 valves and a pump flow of 22 gpm.

What are the dimensions and tire specifications of the John Deere 6030?

The wheelbase is 104 inches, and it weighs 18,180 lbs. The front tire size is 9.50-20, and the rear tire size is 20.8-38.

What is the electrical system of the John Deere 6030?

The tractor has a negative ground electrical system. The charging system is an alternator with charging amps of 55 (78 Opt). It uses 2 batteries with a voltage of 6 volts each.

The John Deere 6030 is a row-crop tractor manufactured by the renowned brand, John Deere. Produced between 1972 and 1977, this tractor was built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

Key Specifications:

Powered by a John Deere 8.7L 6-cylinder diesel engine, the 6030 boasts an 8-speed partially synchronized transmission. It has a weight of 18,180 lbs and a wheelbase of 104 inches.


With a PTO power of up to 175 hp (turbo version), the John Deere 6030 offers robust performance suitable for various farming tasks. Its 8-speed transmission ensures smooth operations across different terrains.


The tractor comes with a closed-center hydraulic system, power steering, and differential hydraulic wet disc brakes. An optional cab with air-conditioning provides added comfort for operators.


John Deere is known for its reliable machinery, and the 6030 is no exception. While it’s an older model, its durability and ease of maintenance have made it a favorite among many farmers.

Value for Money:

With an original price of $29,000 in 1977, the 6030 offered a balance of power and features. When compared to other models of its time, it presented a competitive option for those seeking a reliable row-crop tractor.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Powerful engine, reliable performance, optional comfort features.
Cons: Older model, might lack some of the modern technological advancements.

Best Suited For:

Given its power and design, the John Deere 6030 is best suited for row-crop farming and can handle a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

The John Deere 6030 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. While it may not have the latest features, its reliability and power make it a worthy choice for many farming needs.