Farmall 560 Specs & Review

Farmall 560 Technical Specs
Manufacturer Farmall (a part of International Harvester)
Type Row-Crop tractor
Total Built 65,982
Original Price (1963) $5,500
Engine International Harvester 4.6L 6-cyl diesel, International Harvester 4.3L 6-cyl gasoline, International Harvester 4.3L 6-cyl LP gas
Transmission 5-speed sliding gear, 10-speed partial power shift
Drawbar Power (claimed) 54.8 hp
PTO Power (claimed) 59.48 hp
Drawbar Power (tested) 53.12 hp
PTO Power (tested) 63.03 hp
Belt Power (tested) 60.11 hp
Drive Two-wheel drive
Steering Manual rack-and-pinion, hydrostatic power (optional)
Brakes Independent mechanical disc
Fuel Capacity 33 gal, 37 gal (LP)
Hydraulic System Capacity 16 gal
Hydraulics Type Open center
Hydraulics Capacity 16 gal
Pump Flow 12 gpm, 17 gpm (optional)
Steering Flow 2.5 gpm
Rear Hitch Type IH Fast Hitch
Rear PTO Independent
Rear RPM 540
Wheelbase 96 inches, 100 inches (Hi-Clear)
Weight 6563 to 6785 pounds
Front Tire 6.00-16
Rear Tire 12.4-38
Electrical Ground Negative
Charging System Generator
Charging Amps 20
Batteries 1 (gas), 2 (diesel)
Battery Volts 12 (gas), 6 (diesel)

What is the engine power of the Farmall 560?

The Farmall 560 has a drawbar power of 54.8 hp and a PTO power of 59.48 hp.

How many Farmall 560 tractors were built?

A total of 65,982 Farmall 560 tractors were built.

What is the fuel capacity of the Farmall 560?

The fuel capacity of the Farmall 560 is 33 gallons for diesel and 37 gallons for LP gas.

The Farmall 560 is a row-crop tractor, a part of the International Harvester lineage.

Key Specifications:
This tractor is powered by an International Harvester engine, available in diesel, gasoline, or LP gas variants. It offers a 5-speed sliding gear or a 10-speed partial power shift transmission.

With a drawbar power of 54.8 hp and a PTO power of 59.48 hp, the Farmall 560 delivers a strong performance suitable for a range of farming tasks.

The tractor comes equipped with a manual rack-and-pinion steering system, with an optional hydrostatic power steering. It also features independent mechanical disc brakes.

The Farmall 560 had some issues with its final drive initially, but International offered a new rear end in mid-1959, enhancing its reliability.

Value for Money:
With an original price of $5,500 in 1963 and considering its features, the Farmall 560 offers good value for its price.

Pros and Cons:
Pros include its robust engine options, versatility, and strong performance. A con might be the initial issues with the final drive, which were later addressed by the manufacturer.

Best Suited For:
The Farmall 560 is best suited for medium to large farms, ideal for tasks like plowing, tilling, and more.

The Farmall 560, with its range of features and strong performance, is a reliable tractor for farmers. Its versatility and power make it a worthy investment.