How To Drive Standard Massey Ferguson Tractor

1. Make sure the tractor is in neutral before starting the engine.

2. Before starting, activate the seat belt and ensure that all safety mechanisms and protocols are followed correctly.

3. Start the engine and check the oil pressure and temperature using the tractor’s gauges and the owners manual. Make sure the engine has reached its optimum operating temperature.

4. Turn the steering wheel 90 degrees and place the shift lever into first gear.

5. Apply appropriate pressure on the clutch pedal and engage the power take off (PTO).

6. Depending on conditions, use the accelerator slightly to increase engine speed and momentum while releasing pressure on the clutch pedal.

7. Engage the forward direction and drive the tractor forward.

8. To turn, apply pressure on either the left or right hand control cause the tractor to turn in that direction.

9. When changing direction, use the clutch pedal and shift lever to move into the reverse direction and drive the tractor in reverse.

10. Before leaving the tractor, turn off the engine and put the shift lever in the neutral position.