How To Fix 1979 265 Massey Ferguson Tie Rod

The tie rod of a Massey Ferguson 265 is a simple but important part of the tractor’s steering system. This rod keeps the linkage connecting the steering wheel and spindle attached, allowing the operator to steer the tractor. If the tie rod becomes damaged or disconnected, it can cause the tractor to lack the response and control needed for safe operation. Fortunately, tie rod replacements are quite easy to install.

1. Take off the retaining clips that are connecting the tie rod end to the tie rod.

2. Remove the tie rod end from the tie rod.

3. Obtain a replacement tie rod and install it in the same configuration as the removed connector, making sure to also replace any retaining clips.

4. Attach the new tie rod end onto the end of the tie rod and secure it with the retaining clips provided.

5. Check the linkage to ensure it is securely attached and there is no play in the joint.

6. Test the tractor’s steering system for accurate response by driving in a straight line and then making a turn to test the accuracy.