How To Operate A Massey Ferguson Tractor

1. Ensure that all safety features and equipment are functioning properly. This includes employing a pre-start checklist which should include checking fuel, oil, coolant levels, tyre pressure, brakes and clutch operation, electrical and hydraulic systems, and ensuring all guards and safety features are in place and functioning.

2. Position its attachments: Depending on the application, this step may include raising or lowering implements, attaching weights, and positioning the 3-point hitch.

3. Adjust the brakes and clutch: Adjust them until the clutch works up and down smoothly.

4. Start the engine: This is done with starter push-button or an electric starter, depending on the model of tractor you’re operating.

5. Shift the tractor: This can be done using the gear ranges, clutch and shifter lever,or for hydrostatic drives, a foot pedal.

6. Set the draft control lever: This control lever is used to automatically control the depth of the implement you’re using in the ground.

7. Operate the tractor: Start operating the tractor, being familiar with all levers, buttons, switches and controls, and being aware of the surrounding environment at all times.

8. Stop the tractor: When you’re finished working, stop the tractor by pressing the clutch and removing the key.