How To Put A Loader On A 1225 Massey Ferguson

1. Park the 1225 Massey Ferguson on a level surface with the front end loader attachment facing away from you. Activate the park brake and disengage the PTO.

2. Locate the tractor mounts underneath the tractor’s frame. The mount should be located on the front frame lip, near the center of the frame.

3. If there is already a loader present on the 1225 Massey Ferguson, remove it by disconnecting the hydraulic lines. Retract all lifting arms and the loader arms. This is best done with a mechanic’s assistance.

4. Begin installing your new loader by aligning the loader’s arms with the tractor’s mounts. When the arms are aligned, attach them to the mounts using the appropriate hardware.

5. Connect the loader’s hydraulic lines to the tractor’s hydraulic system to ensure the loader will operate as intended.

6. Test the loader arms by retracting and extending them. If everything appears to be working properly, you can activate the PTO and engage the park brake to travel with the loader attached.