How To Rebuild A Massey Ferguson 135

1). Firstly, disassemble the engine down to its components. This could include removing the engine, fly wheel, carburetor, starter, fuel and hydraulic systems, and other components.

2). Clean the parts with a degreaser and remove any corroded or dirty parts.

3). Inspect the parts for wear or any other damage and repair or replace them as needed.

4). Reassemble the components following the instructions in your service manual.

5). Inspect the timing and adjust as needed.

6). Begin re-assembly of the fuel, electrical and hydraulic systems, following the instructions in the service manual.

7). Refill the fuel and oil tanks and check for proper fuel flow and pressure.

8). Test the tractor’s performance.

9). Tuneup the tractor as needed by replacing spark plugs, adjusting carburetor settings, and adjusting timing.

10). Paint the tractor if needed.