How To Rebuild A Massey Ferguson 290 Injector Pump

1. First, disassemble the Massey Ferguson 290 injector pump. Take out the nozzle lines and remove the injector lines. Unscrew the fuel filter and distributor, then unscrew the injector pump from the pump housing.

2. Now begin to remove the electrical connections, injection lines and bolts. Separate the fuel lines from the rear of the pump. Remove the injector pump cover and inspect for components that need to be replaced or repaired.

3. After all components have been removed, install the new components and fasten the nuts and bolts. When all components are installed, connect the fuel lines, connectors and the electrical connections.

4. Now, assemble the injector pump on the pump housing and connect all the fuel lines. Keep in mind that all the connections should be properly sealed to avoid any leaks.

5. Finally, reattach the injector lines and ensure that they are properly connected and secure. Check the seals to make sure they are free of damage. Once completed, the new Massey Ferguson 290 injector pump should be ready to run.