How To Rebuild Pto On A 1960 Massey Ferguson 35

The process for rebuilding a PTO on a Massey Ferguson 35 from 1960 will vary depending on the condition of the existing PTO and the parts that you have available. In most cases, you will need to disassemble the PTO and inspect the components for damage or wear. You may need to obtain new seals, gaskets, and other parts before starting the rebuild. It is recommended that you consult an authorized Massey Ferguson dealer or a competent automotive specialist for advice on the specific replacement parts and rebuild procedures. Once you have the parts needed, you need to disassemble the PTO and clean all components thoroughly to remove any dirt and grit. Inspect all parts for signs of damage and replace any that are damaged. When reassembling the PTO, be sure to install all the new seals and gaskets. Lubricate all components and reassemble the PTO according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Test the PTO before installation to ensure it is working properly.