How To Replace Pto Seal On Massey Ferguson 50

To replace the PTO seal on a Massey Ferguson 50, you will need a new PTO seal, a socket set, a rubber mallet, and some sealant.

1. Remove the PTO shaft from the closing cap and remove the retaining clips.

2. Separate the shaft and the PTO housing.

3. Remove the old PTO seal with a socket and a rubber mallet.

4. Clean the PTO housing from any debris or old sealant.

5. Apply sealant all around the circumference of the new PTO seal.

6. Fit the new PTO seal into the PTO housing and use the rubber mallet to gently tap it into place.

7. Replace the retaining clips and align the PTO shaft.

8. Reattach the PTO shaft.

9. Check that the new PTO seal is properly in place and that there is no leakage.