How To Split A Massey Ferguson Tractor

Splitting a Massey Ferguson tractor is a large job and requires a great deal of patience and effort. Before attempting to split the tractor, you’ll need to gather tools such as a high lift jack, axle stands, wheel chocks, and a selection of wrenches that fit the nuts and bolts of your Massey Ferguson.

1. Place the tractor in park and then turn off the engine. Make sure the parking brake is disengaged and the tractor is in neutral.

2. Elevate the front and back of the tractor with the high lift jack and support them with axle stands. Place wheel chocks around the front and rear wheels to ensure that the tractor is stable.

3. Disconnect the battery and the electrical components such as the head lights and turn signals.

4. Start by removing the air cleaner and air intake pipes.

5. Unbolt the transmission from the engine.

6. Unbolt the clutch from the engine and remove it from the tractor.

7. Disconnect any hydraulic hoses and remove the hydraulic lift cylinder.

8. Remove the rear wheel assembly and the front wheel assembly.

9. Remove all the nuts and bolts that are connecting the engine block to the transmission and front axle.

10. Split the tractor by unbolting the engine block and transmission. Take your time, as it is important that all nuts and bolts are securely fastened before continuing.

11. Separate the engine block and transmission and carefully place them onto axle stands.

12. Reattach the nuts and bolts to the axle and reattach the wheel assemblies.

13. Reattach the clutch, hydraulic lift cylinder, and any other components you removed during the splitting process.

14. Reattach any electrical components and reconnect the battery.

15. Start the engine and test for proper operation of all mechanical and electrical systems.

Splitting a Massey Ferguson tractor is a complex job and is best left to an experienced mechanic. If you need any help or have any questions, please contact your Massey Ferguson dealer for assistance.