How To Take Apart A Massey Ferguson Def Filter

To take apart a Massey Ferguson DEF filter, you will need the following tools:

1. An AD3-202 or equivalent fuel filter socket
2. A drain pan or suitable container
3. WD40 or equivalent lubricant

Once everything is ready, proceed to begin the process:

1. Open the fuel filter housing and locate the fuel filter.
2. Use the AD3-202 fuel filter socket to loosen and remove the filter from the housing.
3. Inspect the filter to make sure there is no debris clogging the filter media.
4. Use the WD40 to lubricate the filter seal and its housing.
5. Place the filter in the drain pan and slowly unscrew the cover using the filter socket.
6. Pour out any excess fuel and remove the filter core.
7. Using the filter socket, unscrew the end caps on the filter core.
8. Replace the filter with a new one, making sure the filter and its housing are properly lubricated to facilitate installation.
9. Reattach the end caps to the filter core and the cover to the housing.
10. Reinstall the filter to the housing and tighten until snug using the filter socket.
11. Check to make sure there are no leaks before starting the engine.