How To Tell What Model A Tractor Is Massey Ferguson

To determine what model a Massey Ferguson tractor is, you should first look for the data plate. This plate is usually located on the side of the engine, near the fuel tank. The data plate will contain information about the tractor, such as the serial number, engine number, model, and more. Using this information, you can then contact Massey Ferguson directly and inquire about the model of the specific tractor.

Alternatively, you can also look for the model information elsewhere on the tractor. Depending on the year and type of tractor, the model may be stamped onto a metal plate near the steering wheel, under the hood, on the left side of the frame, or near the rear axle.

If none of the above methods work, the last resort is to use the serial number to look up the tractor model online. Many tractor enthusiasts have created databases of serial numbers and corresponded models. With the serial number, you can then search online and narrow down the results to the specific model of Massey Ferguson.