How To Tell Year Of Massey Ferguson Gc2300

The model year of a Massey Ferguson GC2300 tractor can be determined by checking the serial number, which is found on the data plate or the left side of the frame near the steering wheel. Depending on the age and location of the tractor, the serial number will be 8 or 9 digits long, and the first 3 or 4 digits will indicate the year. Generally, Massey Ferguson lists model years as follows:

1XXX: 1994-1995
2XXX: 1995-1996
3XXX: 1996-1997
4XXX: 1997-1998
5XXX: 1998-1999
6XXX: 1999-2000
7XXX: 2000-2001
8XXX: 2001-2002
9XXX: 2002-2003

Once you’ve determined the model year, you can use the serial number to search for parts and, if necessary, obtain a replacement parts and service manual from Massey Ferguson.