How To Use Massey Ferguson Special Tool Mf-124


The Massey Ferguson Special Tool Mf-12425 is an essential tool for Massey Ferguson tractors and farm equipment. It is specifically designed to adjust, adjust and adjust the brakes. This tool is used to adjust the brakes on the front and rear of the machine. The tool should not be used on machines that have mechanical brakes installed.

To use the Massey Ferguson Special Tool Mf-12425, you need to first identify the type of brake adjuster you have on the machine. If the machine has a conventional two-speed adjuster, you can use the Mf-12425 directly. For all other types of adjusters, you will need to purchase an adapter to connect the adjuster to the Mf-12425.

Once the adaptor is connected, you will want to locate the adjuster arm (shaft) located under the dashboard. You can use the Mf-12425 to loosen this arm, allowing you to adjust the brakes further. Move the Mf-12425 in a clockwise direction until the brakes have been adjusted to the right level.

Once the brakes have been adjusted, you can secure the arm by tightening the new nuts you have installed onto the adjuster arm. Make sure that the nuts are hand-tightened and that they are not over-tightened. Re-check the adjustment and repeat the process as necessary to ensure that the brakes are properly adjusted.

Finally, begin to engage the brakes, readjusting them further as necessary. Make sure that the brakes are working correctly and that there are no signs of slipping. After the brakes have been adjusted correctly, you can return the Mf-12425 to its storage location.