JCB 520-50 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of JCB 520-50 Telescopic Forklift


  • Length To Fork Face: 11.78 ft in
  • Ground Clearance: 0.99 ft in
  • Width Over Tires: 6.04 ft in
  • Overall Height: 6.96 ft in
  • Wheelbase: 6.57 ft in


  • Max Lift Height: 16.41 ft in
  • Max Forward Reach: 9.26 ft in
  • Max Load At Max Reach: 1653.47 lb
  • Max Load At Max Height: 4409.25 lb
  • Max Lift Capacity: 4409.25 lb

Engine Specifications

  • Number Of Cylinders: 4
  • Gross Power: 77 hp
  • Max Torque: 213.9 lb ft
  • Displacement: 134.3 cu in
  • Aspiration: Naturally aspirated


  • Operating Weight: 9700 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 16 gal
  • Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity: 8.7 gal
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Alternator Supplied Amperage: 55 amps
  • Tire Size: 10.00 x18 10PR


  • Transmission Type: Syncro shuttle transmission
  • Number Of Forward Gears: 4
  • Number Of Reverse Gears: 4
  • Max Speed – Forward: 18.7 mph
  • Max Speed – Reverse: 18.7 mph

Hydraulic System

  • Pump Flow Capacity: 17.2 gal/min
  • Relief Valve Pressure: 3500 psi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum lift height of the JCB 520-50?

The maximum lift height is 16.41 ft in.

What is the fuel capacity?

The fuel capacity is 16 gallons.

How many cylinders does the engine have?

The engine has 4 cylinders.

What is the operating weight?

The operating weight is 9700 lb.

What is the maximum speed?

The maximum speed in both forward and reverse is 18.7 mph.

What type of transmission does it have?

It has a syncro shuttle transmission.

A Versatile Machine for Various Tasks

The JCB 520-50 Telescopic Forklift is a product of JCB, a renowned manufacturer in the heavy machinery industry. This forklift is designed for versatility and efficiency, making it a reliable choice for various lifting and moving tasks.

Key Features That Stand Out

The machine comes with a 77 hp engine and a syncro shuttle transmission, allowing for smooth and efficient operation. Its maximum lift capacity is 4409.25 lb, and it can reach a height of 16.41 ft, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Performance Metrics

The JCB 520-50 offers excellent performance with its 4-cylinder engine that provides 77 hp and a maximum torque of 213.9 lb ft. The machine is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 18.7 mph, both in forward and reverse.

Noteworthy Features

The forklift comes with a naturally aspirated engine, ensuring reliable performance. It also features a hydraulic system with a pump flow capacity of 17.2 gal/min and a relief valve pressure of 3500 psi.

Reliability Factors

The machine is built with durability in mind, featuring a robust engine and a sturdy frame. Its operating weight of 9700 lb adds to its stability and reliability.

Value Proposition

When compared to similar models in the market, the JCB 520-50 offers good value for money, given its range of features and capabilities.

Pros and Cons


  • High lift capacity
  • Versatile performance
  • Reliable engine


  • Limited ground clearance
  • May require frequent maintenance

Ideal Working Conditions

The JCB 520-50 is best suited for construction sites, warehouses, and agricultural settings where lifting and moving heavy objects is a regular requirement.

Final Thoughts

The JCB 520-50 Telescopic Forklift is a reliable and versatile machine that offers a range of features to meet various lifting and moving needs. Its robust engine, high lift capacity, and efficient transmission make it a valuable asset for any operation. Overall, it’s a solid investment for those looking for a dependable forklift.