John Deere 1010 Specs & Review

John Deere 1010 Technical Specifications
Manufacturer John Deere
Production Location Built in Dubuque, Iowa, USA
Total Built 44,377
Original Price (1965) $3,500
Engines John Deere 2.4L 4-cyl diesel, John Deere 1.9L 4-cyl gasoline
Transmission 5-speed sliding gear
Drawbar (claimed) 30 hp (22.4 kW)
PTO (claimed) 36.13 hp (26.9 kW)
Fuel Capacity 12 gal (45.4 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity 4.5 gal (17.0 L)
Hydraulics Type open center
Rear PTO transmission, independent Opt
Rear RPM 540, 540/1000
Wheelbase 82.5 inches (209 cm)
Weight 3350 to 4041 pounds
Front Tire 5.00-15
Rear Tire 10-34

FAQs for John Deere 1010 Tractor

Where was the John Deere 1010 tractor manufactured?

The John Deere 1010 tractor was built in Dubuque, Iowa, USA.

How many John Deere 1010 tractors were produced?

A total of 44,377 John Deere 1010 tractors were built.

What was the original price of the John Deere 1010 in 1965?

The original price of the John Deere 1010 was $3,500 in 1965.

What are the engine variants available for the John Deere 1010?

The John Deere 1010 was available with a 2.4L 4-cylinder diesel engine and a 1.9L 4-cylinder gasoline engine.

What is the transmission type of the John Deere 1010?

The John Deere 1010 features a 5-speed sliding gear transmission.

What is the fuel capacity of the John Deere 1010?

The fuel capacity of the John Deere 1010 is 12 gallons (45.4 L).

Where can I find the serial number of the John Deere 1010?

The serial number of the John Deere 1010 can be found on a plate on the engine block, on the right side.

How do I read the serial number table for the John Deere 1010?

Serial numbers for the John Deere 1010 start from 10001 in 1960 and go up to 57312 as the final number. The numbers increase year by year, with specific numbers allocated for each year from 1960 to 1965.

The John Deere 1010 is a utility tractor manufactured by John Deere. Produced between 1960 and 1965, it belongs to the New Generation Series of tractors.

Key Specifications:

The tractor is powered by either a John Deere 2.4L 4-cylinder diesel engine or a John Deere 1.9L 4-cylinder gasoline engine. It features a 5-speed sliding gear transmission and weighs between 3350 to 4041 pounds. The tractor has a fuel capacity of 12 gallons (45.4 L) and a hydraulic system capacity of 4.5 gallons (17.0 L).


With a drawbar claimed power of 30 hp and a PTO claimed power of 36.13 hp, the John Deere 1010 offers robust performance for various farming tasks. Its 5-speed transmission ensures smooth operations across different terrains.


The John Deere 1010 boasts features like two-wheel drive, manual and optional power steering, mechanical disc brakes, and an open operator station. It also offers a rear PTO with transmission and independent options, catering to diverse farming needs.


Being a product of John Deere, a renowned manufacturer, the 1010 tractor is built with reliability in mind. However, like all machines, periodic maintenance is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Value for Money:

Originally priced at $3,500 in 1965, the John Deere 1010 offers a range of features and robust performance, making it a valuable investment for farmers. When compared to similar models in its category, it presents a competitive option.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Powerful engine options, versatile transmission, reliable performance, and brand trustworthiness.
  • Cons: Might require periodic maintenance, and some modern features might be missing given its production era.

Best Suited For:

The John Deere 1010 is best suited for general farming tasks, especially in terrains that require a reliable and powerful tractor. Whether it’s plowing, towing, or other farm activities, this tractor can handle it all.

The John Deere 1010 is a testament to John Deere’s commitment to producing reliable and efficient tractors. With its powerful engine, versatile features, and the trustworthiness of the brand, it remains a valuable asset for farmers. While it might lack some of the modern amenities found in newer models, its performance and reliability make it a worthy choice for those in the farming sector.