John Deere 2510 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of John Deere 2510 Tractor


  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Type: Row-Crop tractor
  • Factories: Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA
  • Total Built: 14,869 (total row-crop)
    • 8,023 (gas Syncro)
    • 5,516 (diesel Syncro)
    • 817 (diesel Power Shift)
    • 513 (gas Power Shift)
  • Model Years: 1965 – 1968


  • Types:
    • John Deere 3.0L 4-cyl gasoline
    • John Deere 3.3L 4-cyl diesel


  • Drawbar (tested): 46.82 hp (34.9 kW)
  • PTO (tested): 54.9 hp (40.9 kW)


  • Drive: Two-wheel drive
  • Differential Lock: Mechanical rear
  • Steering: Power
  • Brakes: Hydraulic wet disc
  • Operator Station: Open


  • Types:
    • 8-speed partially synchronized
    • 8-speed full power shift


  • Fuel: 26 gal (98.4 L)
  • Hydraulic System:
    • 11 gal (SyncroRange) (41.6 L)
    • 14 gal (PowerShift) (53.0 L)


  • Type: Closed center constant pressure
  • Pressure: 2250 psi (155.1 bar)
  • Valves: 1 or 2

Tractor Hitch

  • Rear Type: II/I
  • Control: Position and lower-link draft control

Power Take-off (PTO)

  • Rear PTO: Independent
  • Rear RPM: 540/1000 (1.375), 1000 (1.375)

Dimensions & Tires

  • Wheelbase: 90 inches (228 cm)
  • Weight: 6200 to 6745 pounds
  • Front Tire: 6.00-16
  • Rear Tire: 13.6-38


What is the engine power of the John Deere 2510?

The engine power is 46.82 hp (34.9 kW) as tested for drawbar and 54.9 hp (40.9 kW) for PTO.

What types of transmissions are available?

The tractor offers two types: 8-speed partially synchronized and 8-speed full power shift.

What is the fuel capacity?

The fuel capacity is 26 gallons (98.4 L).

What is the hydraulic system capacity?

The hydraulic system capacity is 11 gallons (41.6 L) for SyncroRange and 14 gallons (53.0 L) for PowerShift.

What is the weight of the tractor?

The weight of the tractor ranges from 6200 to 6745 pounds.

Review of John Deere 2510 Tractor

A Classic Row-Crop Tractor

The John Deere 2510 is a row-crop tractor that was manufactured between 1965 and 1968 in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. It was designed to meet the need for a smaller row-crop tractor, which was still popular in the United States during the late 1960s.

Key Specifications

The tractor is equipped with a 46.82 hp engine for drawbar and 54.9 hp for PTO. It offers two types of transmissions: 8-speed partially synchronized and 8-speed full power shift. It weighs between 6200 to 6745 pounds and has a fuel capacity of 26 gallons.


The 2510 offers solid performance with its 46.82 hp engine and multiple transmission options. Its power steering and hydraulic wet disc brakes ensure smooth handling and effective braking.


The tractor comes with an open operator station, mechanical rear differential lock, and two-wheel drive. It also has an independent rear PTO that operates at either 540 or 1000 RPM.


The tractor is known for its durability and versatility. It has a robust build and is generally easy to maintain.

Value for Money

Given its features and performance, the John Deere 2510 offers good value for money, especially for those in need of a versatile row-crop tractor.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Versatile transmission options, high horsepower, durable build.
  • Cons: Older model may lack some modern features, open operator station may not be comfortable for all.

Best Suited For

The tractor is best suited for medium-scale farming operations and can handle a variety of tasks. Its robust build makes it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Final Verdict

The John Deere 2510 is a reliable and versatile row-crop tractor that offers a range of features designed for efficient and comfortable farming. Its versatility in transmission options and robust build make it a worthwhile investment for both practical use and collection.