John Deere 2940 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of John Deere 2940 Farm Tractor


  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Type: Utility tractor
  • Built in: Mannheim, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany
  • Original Price: $25,500 in 1982


  • Engine Model: John Deere 5.9L 6-cyl diesel
  • Fuel Tank: 33.25 gal (125.9 L)


  • Type: 16-speed partial power shift


  • Drawbar (claimed): 68 hp (50.7 kW)
  • PTO (claimed): 82 hp (61.1 kW)
  • Drawbar (tested): 64.18 hp (47.9 kW)
  • PTO (tested): 81.17 hp (60.5 kW)


  • Drive: Two- or four-wheel drive
  • Final Drives: Planetary
  • Differential Lock: Mechanical rear
  • Power Steering: Yes
  • Brakes: Differential hydraulic wet disc brakes
  • Operator Station: Open operator station (Sound-Gard Cab optional)


  • Type: Closed center
  • Pressure: 2250 psi (155.1 bar)
  • Valves: 2
  • Pump Flow: 23 gpm (87.1 lpm)

Tractor Hitch

  • Rear Type: II
  • Control: Position control and lower-link draft sensing
  • Rear Lift: 2400 lbs (1088 kg)

Power Take-off (PTO)

  • Rear PTO: Independent
  • Rear RPM: 540/1000

Dimensions & Tires

  • Wheelbase: 101.6 inches (258 cm)
  • Weight: 9435 lbs (4279 kg)
  • Front Tire: 10.00-16
  • 2WD Rear Tire: 18.4-34


  • Ground: Negative
  • Battery Volts: 12

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original price of the John Deere 2940?

The original price was $25,500 in 1982.

What type of engine does it have?

It has a John Deere 5.9L 6-cyl diesel engine.

What is the fuel tank capacity?

The fuel tank capacity is 33.25 gallons.

Is it a two-wheel or four-wheel drive?

It is available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive options.

What type of transmission does it have?

It has a 16-speed partial power shift transmission.

A Versatile Utility Tractor for Modern Farming

Engine Power and Efficiency

The John Deere 2940 comes equipped with a 5.9L 6-cylinder diesel engine that delivers a claimed 68 hp at the drawbar and 82 hp at the PTO. This makes it a powerful choice for various farming applications.

Smooth and Flexible Transmission

The 16-speed partial power shift transmission provides the flexibility needed for different types of tasks, from plowing to hauling.

Advanced Features

The tractor offers advanced hydraulic systems and an optional Sound-Gard Cab for enhanced comfort. The mechanical rear differential lock ensures better traction on uneven terrains.

Built to Last

The tractor is known for its reliability, thanks to its robust construction and quality components. The differential hydraulic wet disc brakes add to its durability.

Worth the Investment?

Considering its features and performance, the John Deere 2940 offers good value for money, especially when compared to other models in the same category.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Powerful engine, versatile transmission, advanced hydraulic systems, optional comfort features.
  • Cons: May be considered expensive for some, weight could be an issue for certain applications.

Ideal for Various Farming Needs

The tractor is well-suited for a range of farming tasks, including plowing, tilling, and hauling. Its two- or four-wheel drive options make it versatile for different terrains.

Final Thoughts

The John Deere 2940 is a reliable and versatile utility tractor that offers a range of features to meet modern farming needs. Its powerful engine and advanced transmission make it a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their farming operations.