John Deere 4450 Vs 4455

The John Deere 4450 and 4455 combine two of the most powerful and reliable ag-tractors in John Deere’s lineup. Each is suitable for large-scale farming operations, as well as other applications such as gardening and landscaping. Both have impressive power ratings and fuel efficiency for maximum uptime and productivity.

The John Deere 4450 has an 86 hp engine and an 11-speed transmission that lets it move quickly around a field. The 4450 provides superior maneuverability, stability, and durability, thanks to its independent link suspension system. With its heavy-duty pneumatic brakes, the 4450 is capable of hauling large loads in difficult terrain. In addition, the tractor’s rear-mounted three-point hitch gives it plenty of versatility for attaching different types of equipment.

The John Deere 4455 is the larger version of the 4450, with a 120 hp engine and 4WD for added power and traction. It’s remarkable for its comfort and convenience, featuring a premium cab with climate control, heated seats, and an adjustable steering column for precise control. This model also has innovative monitoring systems to keep track of tire pressure, fuel consumption, and other vital performance metrics. The 4455 can easily handle heavy loads, hilly terrain, and other difficult jobs.

John Deere 4450 Vs 4455 Specs

John Deere 4450:
– Engine: 6403T 6-cylinder diesel with 143 HP
– Transmission: Six speed, four hydraulic reverser, auto shift transmission
– Wheelbase: 105.7 inches
– Weight: 6,192 lbs
– Fuel capacity: 66 gal

John Deere 4455:
– Engine: 6404T 6-cylinder diesel with 162 HP
– Transmission: Eight speed, four hydraulic reverser, auto shift transmission
– Wheelbase: 115.6 inches
– Weight: 6,496 lbs
– Fuel capacity: 74 gal

Conclusion: The John Deere 4450 and 4455 offer similar designs and layouts, but with different specifications. The 4455 feature an upgraded engine with more power and a larger fuel capacity. The 4455 also has a larger wheelbase and slightly more weight. Both are reliable, sturdy tractors well-suited for agricultural applications.

John Deere 4450 Vs 4455 Features

John Deere 4450 Features
• PowerTech 6.8L 4-cyl diesel engine
• 100 PTO horsepower
• 32 MPH maximum speed
• 17.5/90-24 front tires
• Dual rear wheels

John Deere 4455 Features
• PowerTech 8.1L 6-cyl diesel engine
• 115 PTO horsepower
• 35 MPH maximum speed
• 18.4/85R38 front tires
• Single rear wheel

Conclusion: The John Deere 4450 and 4455 have many similarities, but there are some key differences between them. The John Deere 4450 has a 6.8L 4-cyl diesel engine which can produce up to 100 PTO horsepower, has a 32 MPH maximum speed, and is equipped with 17.5/90-24 front tires and dual rear wheels. The John Deere 4455 on the other hand, has a larger 8.1 L 6-cyl diesel engine which can deliver up to 115 PTO horsepower, a higher maximum speed of 35MPH, and larger 18.4/85R38 sized front tires with a single rear wheel. Both tractors offer reliable performance and outputs, but the 4455 offers enhanced power and speed making it more suitable for larger agricultural tasks.

John Deere 4450 Vs 4455 Maintenance


John Deere 4450 Vs 4455 Performance

John Deere 4450:
– Engine: 3.9L 4 Cylinder Turbocharged
– Horsepower: 100 hp
– Transmission: 8-speed PowerShift
– PTO Power: 77 hp
– Hydraulics: Standard, 14 gpm
– 3-Point Hitch: CAT 3, 6,500 lbs. lift capacity
– Weight: 6,500 lbs.

John Deere 4455:
– Engine: 4.5L 6 Cylinder Turbocharged
– Horsepower: 112 hp
– Transmission: 8-speed PowerShift
– PTO Power: 88 hp
– Hydraulics: Standard, 15 gpm
– 3-Point Hitch: CAT 3, 8,000 lbs. lift capacity
– Weight: 7,600 lbs.

Conclusion: The John Deere 4455 boasts a more powerful engine and higher horsepower than the 4450, as well as increased hydraulics and lift capacity, making it the superior choice in terms of performance. The tradeoff is the additional weight, but this is a small price to pay for the improved overall performance of the 4455.

What are They Best For

John Deere 4450: This tractor is a two-wheel drive workhorse tractor that is ideal for small to medium farm jobs, such as general-purpose agriculture, medium-sized hay operations, and hobby farms. It has a reliable and powerful engine, as well as simple yet effective implements and customizable accessories that allow for a variety of tasks.

John Deere 4455: This tractor is a four-wheel drive powerhouse that is well-suited for more rigorous farm jobs, such as tilling large fields, lifting and hauling heavy loads, and performing loader work. It is also excellent for towing heavy equipment and implements due to its more powerful engine and more reliable hydraulic system.


The John Deere 4450 and 4455 models are both powerful, purpose-built tractors suitable for a variety of farming, landscaping, and other agriculture-related tasks. Both have similar horsepower ratings and are well-equipped with basic features such as advanced cab insulation and cabin air conditioning. Both offer efficient 3-point hitch systems at the rear, as well as pneumatic power steering for smooth maneuverability. Where the 4455 distinguishes itself is with the addition of a hydraulic suspension system and the enhanced power shift system, both of which improve power, versatility, and performance. This makes the 4455 a better choice for those looking for more power and versatility while working in the field.