John Deere 6135E FAQ

The John Deere 6135E tractor is a powerful, highly versatile agricultural and construction equipment developed by John Deere in 2008. It is powered by a 6.8-litre diesel engine with a six-cylinder turbocharged engine producing a maximum power output of 135hp. It is equipped with a 12 × 12 PowerQuad Plus transmission and an independent 540/1000 PTO. The 6135E is a great choice for a wide range of tasks, including haymaking, tilling, planting, and other farming jobs. Its large capacity fuel tank ensures a long working time, and its low operating height makes it suitable for use in low-clearance environments. Its hydraulic system offers high-end performance, providing smooth and precise operations. The 6135E is a reliable and cost-effective tractor for farmers and contractors alike.