John Deere 850 Dozer Vs Cat D6

When it comes to heavy-duty construction operations, two of the most popular models of dozers are the John Deere 850 and the Cat D6. These two dozers offer a range of features and benefits that make them ideal for various applications. With their performance, power, reliability and capability, both the John Deere 850 and Cat D6 have earned the respect of owners and operators, and have become quite popular among construction professionals.

The John Deere 850 dozer offers a comfortable cab with easy to use controls and powerful hydraulics for maximum operability. This model is designed for increased productivity, with a turbocharged engine that delivers 120 horsepower and delivers maximum reliability. The John Deere 850 also features an intuitive blade control system that allows operators to customize their blade reactions for a wide range of individual applications.

The Cat D6 dozer is a heavy-duty machine designed for reliability and low operating costs. It is powered by a reliable 6 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel engine and hydraulic system that delivers more than 300 horsepower. This model is equipped with adjustable tracks and high capability hydraulics to handle the toughest terrains. The Cat D6 also offers a comfortable cab, with easy to use controls, adjustable seat, and onboard computer monitor. The operator is guided by intuitive switching and joystick controls that allow the operator to easily adjust the speed and action of the machine’s augers and blades.

John Deere 850 Dozer Vs Cat D6 Specs

John Deere 850 Dozer:
– Weight: 32 tons
– Operating Capacity: 7,800 lbs
– Net Power: 128 hp
– Blade Width: 10 ft
– Blade Capacity: 14.5 cubic yards
– Fuel Tank: 68 gallons
– Max speed: 6.6 mph

Cat D6:
– Weight: 33.3 tons
– Operating Capacity: 9,250 lbs
– Net Power: 158 hp
– Blade Width: 12 ft
– Blade Capacity: 22.5 cubic yards
– Fuel Tank: 87.5 gallons
– Max speed: 6 mph

In conclusion, the John Deere 850 Dozer is lighter, has a smaller operating capacity, lower net power and smaller blade width than the Cat D6. The Cat D6 has a larger blade capacity, larger fuel tank and a marginally higher max speed. However, the John Deere 850 Dozer outperforms the Cat D6 with a larger blade capacity relative to its smaller size and weight.

John Deere 850 Dozer Vs Cat D6 Features

John Deere 850 Dozer Features:
• Powerful 246HP Cummins ACERT engine
• Standard, Advanced and Performance modes
• Automatic Traction Control
• High ground clearance of 35.4 inches
• An ergonomic cabin with full-suspension seat
• Six-way blade and a drawbar that allows for smooth blade operation
• Multi-shank ripper and automatic blade control
• AccuGrade Machine Guidance and Control System

Cat D6 Features:
• Tier 4 Final engine
• AccuGrade GPS-Based Machine Guidance System
• Increased cab space, line of sight and comfort
• Dynamic Sway Control and Delta Track Linkage
• Acculink electronic monitoring system
• Center point rotate with ripper
• Semi-automatic blade control

The John Deere 850 Dozer and the Cat D6 offer a variety of features to meet different needs. The Deere provides three performance modes, a high ground clearance, and an ergonomic cabin. The Cat offers a Tier 4 Final engine, increased cab space, and AccuGrade GPS-Based Machine Guidance and Control System. Both dozers offer Acculink electronic monitoring systems and semi-automatic blade control systems. Ultimately, the choice of which dozer to buy for a given job depends on the specific work requirements.

John Deere 850 Dozer Vs Cat D6 Maintenance

John Deere 850 Dozer: When it comes to maintenance of the John Deere 850 Dozer, regular maintenance is absolutely key. Regular oil and filter changes as well as visual inspections to check for any damage or parts that need replaced are important. With consistent grease lubrication and cleaning of the dozer tracks, you can keep your John Deere 850 in optimal condition. Cat D6: The Cat D6 is known for its low maintenance requirements, making it a popular choice for those who don’t have time or money to dedicate to equipment maintenance. The Cat D6’s maintenance requirements are significantly less than those of the John Deere 850 Dozer, but should still be taken seriously. Regular oil and filter changes, lubrication, and visual inspections should be done to ensure the machine is in maximum working condition. Conclusion: The John Deere 850 Dozer requires more maintenance than the Cat D6 but it is necessary in order to ensure the machine is performing at peak efficiency. Regular oil and filter changes, lubrication, and visual inspections are key to keeping the John Deere 850 in top condition. The Cat D6, on the other hand, has significantly lower maintenance requirements but should still be taken seriously in order to ensure maximum performance.

John Deere 850 Dozer Vs Cat D6 Performance

John Deere 850 Dozer
– 4-cylinder turbocharged engine
– Adjustable track width
– 390 horsepower engine
– Easy to use control system
– Automatically adjusts blade inclination
– Durable operator station

Cat D6
– 5-cylinder turbocharged engine
– Automatic track adjuster
– 275 horsepower engine
– Advanced diagnostics system
– Enhanced operator comfort
– IDEC display for real-time performance data

In conclusion, the John Deere 850 Dozer and the Cat D6 are both efficient dozers suitable for a variety of uses. The John Deere 850 Dozer is powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that offers 390 horsepower and an adjustable track width. It has an easy-to-use control system and automatically adjusts the blade inclination. Its durable operator station provides the operator with confidence. The Cat D6 features a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine that provides 275 horsepower and an automatic track adjuster. It also has an advanced diagnostics system and an IDEC display that provides real-time performance data to better inform the operator. Both are excellent choices for different applications, depending on the task at hand.

What are They Best For

The John Deere 850 Dozer is best suited for larger-scale projects such as residential or commercial landscaping, excavating, and construction. It features a powerful engine that has enough power for larger scale tasks, and its articulated frame will make navigating tight spaces a breeze.

The Cat D6 is a smaller, more maneuverable dozer, mostly used on small-scale construction projects or agricultural applications. It is perfect for land clearing, leveling slopes, and landscaping as well as general maintenance and forestry operations. Its powerful engine and easy to operate controls make it a great choice for smaller jobs.


Overall, both the John Deere 850 Dozer and the Cat D6 are reliable, versatile, and effective machines for performing various tasks, such as grading, clearing land, and earthmoving. The John Deere is capable of larger projects due to its powerful engine, while the Cat D6 is more fuel efficient and better suited for tight spaces and intricate work. Ultimately, the decision of which machine is best will depend on the specific job at hand and the user’s preferences.