John Deere 850K Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of John Deere 850K Crawler Tractor


  • Ground Clearance: 1.35 ft
  • Track Gauge: 6.17 ft
  • Blade Width: 10.67 ft
  • Length – Pat Blade Straight: 17.67 ft
  • Max Height: 10.54 ft
  • Steering – Differential: No
  • Blade-Tilt: 2.48 ft
  • Track Length On Ground: 6.17 ft
  • Blade – Dig Depth: 23.59 in

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Make: 2240
  • Engine Model: PowerTech PSS 6068
  • Net Power: 205 hp
  • Power Measured @: 1800 rpm
  • Displacement: 6.8 cu in
  • Aspiration: Yes


  • Engine Model: PowerTech PSS 6068
  • Displacement: 415 cu in
  • Engine Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Rated Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Engine Output – Net: 203.9 hp
  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic


  • Fuel Tank – Diesel: 97.3 gal
  • Hydraulic Tank: 29.6 gal
  • Blade – Capacity: 5.6 ft


  • Operating Weight: 19,304 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 368 gal


  • Ground Bearing Pressure: 8.2 psi
  • Implement Pump – Flow: 43.1 gal
  • Implement Pump – Pressure: 249.93 (3625)
  • Implement Pump – Type: Variable Displacement Piston


  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
  • Number Of Forward Gears: 1
  • Number Of Reverse Gears: 1
  • Max Speed – Forward: 9.7 mph
  • Max Speed – Reverse: 9.7 mph


  • Operating Weight: 42,558.1 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net power of the John Deere 850K?

The net power is 205 hp.

What is the operating weight?

The operating weight is 42,558.1 lb.

How much fuel can it hold?

The fuel tank capacity is 97.3 gallons.

What is the maximum speed?

The maximum speed in both forward and reverse is 9.7 mph.

What is the blade capacity?

The blade capacity is 5.6 ft.

Review of John Deere 850K Crawler Tractor

A Powerhouse from John Deere

The John Deere 850K is a crawler tractor designed for heavy-duty operations. Manufactured by John Deere, this machine is a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

Key Specifications

The tractor comes with a net power of 205 hp and an operating weight of 42,558.1 lb. It features a hydrostatic transmission and has a fuel tank capacity of 97.3 gallons.


The 850K offers a maximum speed of 9.7 mph in both forward and reverse directions. It has a ground bearing pressure of 8.2 psi, making it suitable for various terrains.


Notable features include a blade capacity of 5.6 ft and an implement pump with a flow rate of 43.1 gallons. The tractor also comes with a variable displacement piston type pump, enhancing its performance.


John Deere is known for its reliable machinery, and the 850K is no exception. Its robust engine and durable build make it a reliable choice for heavy-duty tasks.

Value for Money

Compared to similar models in the market, the 850K offers good value for money, especially considering its robust features and performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: High engine power, good speed, reliable performance, large fuel tank.
  • Cons: Limited number of gears, could be considered heavy for some applications.

Best Suited For

The John Deere 850K is best suited for heavy-duty construction projects and industrial applications that require a powerful and reliable crawler tractor.

A Solid Choice for Heavy-Duty Tasks

The John Deere 850K Crawler Tractor offers a balanced combination of power, speed, and reliability. Its features make it a versatile machine capable of handling a variety of heavy-duty tasks efficiently. Overall, it’s a solid investment for those in need of a high-performing crawler tractor.