John Deere 8820 Vs 9600

John Deere 8820 and 9600 are two of the top models offered by the renowned and trusted manufacturer, John Deere. Both models are dependable and powerful agricultural machines capable of a variety of tasks and a frequent choice among farmers. The John Deere 8820 is an efficient combine harvester designed for small to mid-sized farms, designed and engineered for easy operation, safety and reliability. With an easy to use and customisable configuration, the 8820 accommodates small-scale farms, making it an indispensable tool for the successful harvest. On the other hand, the John Deere 9600 is a powerful harvester designed for larger farm operations. Its advanced technology ensures the highest yields from the most crops with minimal effort. The large capacity grain tank, unload rate and powerful engine makes it a reliable choice for larger, more complex farms. Both models provide the same superb quality of harvesting, allowing farmers to get the best harvests every year.

John Deere 8820 Vs 9600 Specs

John Deere 8820
-Built in 1979
-Max Horsepower: 179 HP
-Max Speed: 25.5 mph
-Cab Option: Yes
-Grass Harvesting Option: No
-Reel Speed Range: 80 to 550 rpm

John Deere 9600
-Built in 1987
-Max Horsepower: 240 HP
-Max Speed: 28.2 mph
-Cab Option: Yes
-Grass Harvesting Option: Yes
-Reel Speed Range: 200 to 600 rpm

Conclusion: The John Deere 8200 and 9600 are both powerful, similar models, with the 9600 having greater specs across the board. The 9600 model has a higher Max Horsepower of 240 HP compared to the 8820’s 179 HP. In addition, The 9600 has higher top speed of 28.2 mph compared to the 8820’s 25.5 mph. The 9600 also has a grass harvesting option, which the 8820 does not. Lastly, the 9600 model’s Reel Speed Range is broader than the 8820’s at 200 to 600 rpm, compared to 80 to 550 rpm.

John Deere 8820 Vs 9600 Features

John Deere 8820 Features:
1. 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 199hp
2. Max speed of 21 mph
3. 8.1L displacement
4. Max lift capacity of 8,600 pounds
5. Active controlled hitch system
6. 4WD options
7. Hydraulic system with 125 gallons of oil

John Deere 9600 Features:
1. 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with 348hp
2. Max speed of 25 mph
3. 10.6L displacement
4. Max lift capacity of 8,600 pounds
5. Subframe suspension and suspension seat
6. Customizable operators station
7. Hydraulic system with 173 gallons of oil

The John Deere 8820 and 9600 are both large-scale agricultural tractors. The main difference between the two is the engine size and power, with the 9600 having a more powerful 6-cylinder engine with 348hp compared to the 8820’s 4-cylinder engine with 199hp. The 9600 also has a larger 10.6L displacement compared to 8.1L, and a higher oil capacity with 173 gallons compared to 125 gallons. Additionally, the 9600 has an optional subframe suspension and suspension seat, and customizable operator station, while the 8820 only has a 4WD option and active controlled hitch system.

The John Deere 9600 is an upgraded version of the 8820, offering a more powerful engine, larger displacement and higher capacity oil tank, as well as additional features such as a subframe suspension, suspension seat and customizable operator station.

John Deere 8820 Vs 9600 Maintenance

John Deere 8820: The John Deere 8820 has relatively basic maintenance requirements. This includes proper coolant and lubricant levels, along with lubrication of all moving parts. Air, fuel and oil filters should be changed every 500 hours and all belts, hoses, and fittings should be checked frequently for signs of wear. In addition, all service intervals should be followed strictly, ensuring the proper maintenance of the machine. John Deere 9600: The John Deere 9600 is a bit more complicated in terms of maintenance and upkeep, but it is still something that can be handled with some care. Besides the lubrication of all moving parts, regular inspection and cleaning of components is recommended. The coolant and hydraulic systems should be flushed periodically, and the air, oil and fuel filters need to be changed every 15 hours. Preventive maintenance is essential in keeping the 9600 running effectively and efficiently. Conclusion: The John Deere 8820 and 9600 both require routine maintenance and upkeep, although the 9600 requires more frequent preventive maintenance to keep its performance up to par. All operators should take routine care of their machines to ensure they remain in top condition and continue to provide a sturdy and reliable source of power under any conditions.

John Deere 8820 Vs 9600 Performance

John Deere 8820:
– Powerful engines with renewable fuel options
– Premium cab with advanced ergonomics
– Rugged construction for durability
– Large working area with enhanced maneuverability
– Intelligent power management system
– Advanced suspension system for a smooth ride

John Deere 9600:
– Powerful engines with renewable fuel options
– Modern cabin designed with operator comfort in mind
– Tough frame for larger jobs
– Enhanced stability with large tracks
– AutoConnectdeck mower lift for easy access
– Intuitive power management system

In conclusion, the John Deere8820 and 9600 are both well-rounded machines that can tackle large jobs. The 8820 features a powerful renewable engine, as well as a rugged construction and advanced suspension system that provides a smooth ride. The 9600 has a modern cabin, enhanced stability, and an automated deck mower lift for easy access. Both models provide intelligent power management systems to efficiently run the machines and get the job done.

What are They Best For

John Deere 8820: The John Deere 8820 tractor is capable of a range of tasks, such as mowing, tillage, haymaking, and general farm maintenance. Its relatively smaller size makes it well suited for smaller properties, such as hobby farms and small-scale agricultural operations.

John Deere 9600: The John Deere 9600 tractor is an ideal machine for large-scale farming operations, such as those working in crops and hay production. Its larger size and powerful engine allow for more strenuous jobs, such as tilling and disking, as well as more efficient hauling of machinery and heavy loads. This machine is also well-suited for cultivating and land levelling, as well as more specialized jobs, such as spreading fertilizer and manure.


John Deere 8820 and 9600 are both quality harvester combines; however, the 9600 has some advantages that make it the better overall choice. The 9600 is equipped with a more powerful engine, which can process larger volumes of grain in less time and offers greater fuel efficiency. It also offers a larger working area and a more sophisticated grain flow rate monitoring system, allowing for a smoother harvesting experience. The 9600 has a more advanced cab with more comfortable seating and climate control for the operator, as well as plenty of modern amenities. Ultimately, it is the overall feature set and capabilities of the John Deere 9600 that makes it the better harvesting machine when making an overall comparison.