John Deere 944K Vs Cat 988

John Deere 944K and Caterpillar 988 are two of the most popular wheel loader models available today. While both are durable, efficient and reliable machines, they come with various features that make them ideal for individual needs. The John Deere 944K is best for mining, waste management and general earthmoving applications. It has a Tier 4 Final-certified engine, an advanced electrohydraulic loader control and a sealed cab to provide a quiet and comfortable operating environment. The Caterpillar 988 is designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and material handling. The machine is equipped with durable seal technology, a turbocharge engine and an efficient double-bent arm system. Both models come with additional features to help operators get the most out of their wheel loaders.

John Deere 944K Vs Cat 988 Specs

John Deere 944K:
– Engine: PowerTech™ 9.0L
– Rated Net Power: 287 kW (385 hp)
– Operating Weight: 40,855 kg (90,110 lb)
– Breakout Force: 230 kN (51,648 lb)
– Digging Depth: 6.64 m (21 ft 9 in)

Cat 988:
– Engine: Cat C15 ACERT
– Rated Net Power: 302 kW (407 hp)
– Operating Weight: 39,510 kg (87,112 lb)
– Breakout Force: 235 kN (52,810 lb)
– Digging Depth: 6.71 m (22 ft)

Conclusion: The John Deere 944K and Cat 988 are both powerful wheel loaders that boast similar breakout forces to move large amounts of material. However, the Cat is slightly more powerful at 407 hp compared to the John Deere 944K’s 385 hp. Additionally, the Cat 988 has a greater operating weight and digging depth than the 944K and is the better option for tougher jobs.

John Deere 944K Vs Cat 988 Features

John Deere 944K Features:
• John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L engine
• Four-wheel and six-wheel drive with full electronic traction control
• Four-speed auto-shift and power shift transmission
• Robust, lightweight and fuel-efficient design
• Easy-to-use operator interface
• Durable and reliable engine-power management system
• Multiple safety features
• Advanced onboard diagnostics
• Advanced after-treatment system with selective catalytic reduction
• Integrated work tools for optimal performance

Cat 988 Features:
• C9.3 ACERT engine
• Advanced four-mode switchable drive system
• Advanced traction control
• 12-speed power shift transmission
• Electronic hand/foot switchable clutch
• Advanced ride control system
• Enhanced operator station
• Smart mode function
• Optimised axles
• Reduced maintenance requirements
• Automatic boom levelling
• Limited slip differentials

Both the John Deere 944K and the Cat 988 offer durable and reliable engines with advanced after-treatment systems, integrated work tools, advanced ride control systems, and enhanced operator stations. The John Deere 944K has a fuel-efficient design and a power management system, while the Cat 988 features a four-mode switchable drive system, an electronic clutch, and a smart mode function. Ultimately, both models feature powerful, efficient performance capability, safety features, and integrated work tools for optimal performance.

John Deere 944K Vs Cat 988 Maintenance

John Deere 944K Maintenance: John Deere 944K maintenance is recommended to keep the machine running efficiently and to reduce downtime. Regular maintenance items include regular engine and hydraulic oil changes, checking for oil leaks, and visual inspections of the undercarriage and other components. Additionally, filters and hoses should be checked periodically for wear or obstructions. Caterpillar 988 Maintenance: The Cat 988 is a reliable and dependable machine, with minimal maintenance required to keep it running. Maintenance items include general lubrication, checking of hoses and other components, as well as engine and hydraulic oil changes. Additionally, check that all fluids are topped off and that filters and air filters are kept clean. Conclusion: Both the John Deere 944K and the Caterpillar 988 are reputable, reliable pieces of construction equipment, each requiring minimal maintenance. This maintenance includes general lubrication, filters, and hoses. Additionally, both include regular engine and hydraulic oil changes for efficient operation.

John Deere 944K Vs Cat 988 Performance

John Deere 944K Features:
• Net flywheel power of 328 kW
• Base weight of 43 220 kg
• Fingertip controls
• Advanced fuel monitoring system
• Automatic engine and transmission modes
• Powerful hydraulic system
• Powertrain protection

Cat 988 Features:
• Net flywheel power of 309 kW
• Base weight of 44 914 kg
• Fully adjustable joystick handle
• Advanced monitoring system for engine performance
• Automated Speed Sensing Transmission
• Compliant hydraulic system design
• State of the art traction control system

In conclusion, the John Deere 944K and Cat 988 are both powerful machines, each equipped with similar features. The John Deere 944K has a higher net flywheel power at 328 kW and a slightly lighter base weight at 43 220 kg. The 988 has a 309 kW power rating and a heavier base weight of 44 914 kg. The John Deere model has more intuitive fingertip controls and an advanced fuel monitoring system. The Cat 988 has an adjustable joystick handle and state-of-the-art traction control system. Both machines offer an automated transmission and powerful hydraulic systems. As these machines are comparable in performance, users should consider which features are most important to them before making their choice.

What are They Best For

John Deere 944K: The John Deere 944K is a large wheel loader, typically favored by construction and mining sites due to its durability and power. It is designed to efficiently and effectively transport large amounts of material in a short amount of time, making it a great asset for large-scale excavation, demolition, and material handling projects.

Cat 988: The Cat 988 is a much larger wheel loader compared to the John Deere 944K, and is most often used by larger scale forestry, quarrying and mining sites. The Cat 988 is capable of handling incredibly large loads, making them ideal for large-scale earth moving and clearing operations. It can handle materials such as rock, sand and dirt with ease, as well as larger, multi-purpose tasks that go beyond material handling.


Overall, John Deere 944K and Cat 988 are both versatile and durable wheel loaders that are made for heavy-duty applications. Both machines have excellent load capacity, powerful engines and durable construction for tough terrains. The Cat 988 is slightly more powerful with the 587HP engine, while the John Deere 944K is more fuel-efficient with the 500HP engine. Both machines are reliable and efficient when it comes to material handling. In the end, it all comes down to preference and the specific job requirement to determine which machine is best for your application.