John Deere At Lowes Vs Dealer

John Deere is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural, landscaping, and large-scale material handling equipment. For those looking for the superior quality, rugged durability, and precise control offered by John Deere products, there are two great options for purchasing the products: a John Deere dealer or at Lowe’s.

John Deere products available at Lowe’s range from riding mowers to log splitters, and offer superior utility for a wide range of jobs, from mowing and landscaping to construction and personal use. These products are specifically designed for long-term performance and are built to last. Many of the models feature user-friendly designs, making them an ideal choice for the DIY homeowner.

Meanwhile, John Deere dealers offer the full lineup of the company’s equipment, including more specialized models aimed at commercial industries. Compared to the products available at Lowe’s, these models are designed to not only last longer, but offer a greater level of precision and performance in tougher working conditions. Dealers also provide maintenance, repair, and parts services—making them the ideal choice for those using John Deere equipment on a regular basis.

John Deere At Lowes Vs Dealer Specs

John Deere at Lowes:
-Powder-coated steel frame,
-High-back seat
-13-inch front and rear tires
-Easily adjustable cutting height
-22-inch cutting deck
-5.5-horsepower engine

Dealer Specs:
-Powder-coated steel frame and caster
-High-backed, adjustable seat
-13-inch front and rear tires
-Six-position cutting height adjustment
-Cutting deck up to 23 inches
-Engine ranging from 7.3-horsepower to 24-horsepower

The John Deere Lawn Mower at Lowes offers a quality machine for basic lawn mowing jobs, with a powder-coated steel frame, high-backed seat, 13-inch front and rear tires, and an adjustable cutting height up to 22 inches. The Dealer Specs offer a more varied and powerful selection with a powder-coated steel frame and caster, adjustable high-back seat, 13-inch front and rear tires, and cutting decks ranging from 6-inches to 23-inches in size and engine from 7.3-horsepower to 24-horsepower. The Dealer Specs offer a more powerful and robust lawn mower for heavier mowing jobs, while the Lowes machine is suitable for smaller mowing jobs at a more affordable cost.

John Deere At Lowes Vs Dealer Features

John Deere at Lowes:
-Variety of parts and supplies for various lawn care needs
-Easy ordering for lawn and garden parts
-Inventory tracking for easy reordering
-Installation services available for convenience
-Lifetime warranty on all parts and supplies purchased from Lowes

-Full selection of parts and supplies for lawn care needs
-Extensive stock of attachments and mower equipment
-Technical service and maintenance from knowledgeable staff
-Financing and leasing options available
-Part replacement and repair services

In conclusion, the differences between the options for purchasing John Deere products from Lowes and a dealer involve the range of services and support that is available. Those looking for purchasing parts and supplies for lawn care needs will find a sufficient inventory at Lowes as well as lifetime warranty on all parts and supplies purchased there. Those wanting a comprehensive selection of products and services including full service and maintenance, financing options, and part replacements and repair will want to consider visiting a licensed John Deere Dealer.

John Deere At Lowes Vs Dealer Maintenance

John Deere at Lowes is a great option for those looking for a reliable, entry-level lawn care solution. It offers basic maintenance services, like oil and filter changes, battery testing, blade sharpening, and general inspections, as well as an array of accessories and replacement parts. Lowes also offers convenient service scheduling and a comprehensive parts and accessories warranty. Dealer maintained services provide more comprehensive maintenance for your John Deere equipment. Beyond the basics, dealers offer more advanced services like full scale engine tune-ups and repairs, engine rebuilds, and basic hydraulics inspection and repair. They also may provide specialized accessories and replacements parts tailored to your needs. In addition, they offer OEM-backed warranties on parts and service. In conclusion, when considering both Lowes and dealer maintained services, it is important to consider the individual needs of your John Deere equipment. While Lowes provides the entry-level lawn care solution with basic services and a comprehensive parts and accessories warranty, dealer maintained services offer more comprehensive maintenance and specialized services, as well as OEM-backed warranties on parts and service.

John Deere At Lowes Vs Dealer Performance

John Deere at Lowes:
-Availability of multiple locations across the country
-Lower price point than dealer
-Large selection of quality products
-Friendly and knowledgeable sales staff
-Free shipping and delivery options

-Personalized customer service
-Highly knowledgeable sales staff
-Detailed advice on product selection and implementation
-Access to manufacturer’s specials and warranties
-Free pickup and delivery service

The comparison between John Deere at Lowes versus a Dealer options shows the potential customers different features and benefits depending on their specific needs. The availability of multiple locations across the country at a more affordable price point makes John Deere at Lowes a great option for many customers. However, when it comes to personalized customer service and detailed advice, the dealer offers customers an advantage in product selection as well as providing access to manufacturer’s specials and warranties. Both options offer quality products and services, so customers can choose the best option that fits their budget and needs.

What are They Best For

Lowes: Lowes is a great source for purchasing basic parts, accessories, and tools for basic maintenance on your John Deere equipment. This includes parts like air filters, engine oil, fluids, and more. Lowes is also a great place to purchase basic tools needed to make repairs and replacements.

Dealer: Dealers are the best place for more complex maintenance and repairs on your John Deere equipment. This includes parts such as spark plugs, ignition wires, air filters, and other parts that are not commonly available at general merchandise stores. Dealers have a knowledgeable staff that can help you with your purchase and are more likely to have a detailed inventory of parts for your particular machine. They may also offer installation and service for specific products.


Overall, it’s difficult to make a general comparison between John Deere at Lowe’s and a dealer, as there are a number of factors to consider. Prices may vary depending on the dealer, specific models, and other offers. Customer service could also be a factor, as Lowe’s may offer longer hours, but a dealer could offer more personalized assistance. In the end, it’s best to shop around and determine which option offers the best value for your individual needs.