John Deere S170 Vs S180

John Deere S170 and S180 lawn mowers are two excellent choices for those looking for reliable and powerful cutting capability. Both models offer dependable performance, comfortable operation and excellent cutting of grass and other vegetation in residential lawns and on commercial properties. The S170 is a 42-inch mower on wheels, powered by a strong 19.5hp engine, making it ideal for both cutting large lawns of up to three acres as well as smaller commercial lawns. It also has good maneuverability due to its independent rear axles. The S180 is a 48-inch mower on wheels, powered by a 23hp engine and offers a larger cutting area, perfect for larger residential lawns and commercial properties alike. It’s also well-balanced and provides excellent maneuverability. Both are reliable, efficient mowers that produce a great cut and save time with their easy operation.

John Deere S170 Vs S180 Specs

John Deere S170 Specs:
-24 hp V-twin engine
-48-in Edge Cutting System
-Foam-filled tires for excellent traction
-An adjustable lap bar with an ergonomic steering wheel
-Foot-operated hydrostatic transmission for smooth stearable control
-Mulching capability and bagging options
-7.5 mph forward ground speed

John Deere S180 Specs:
-25 hp V-twin engine
-54-in Edge Cutting System
-Smooth ride technology – sealed front axle and hydraulic dampers
-Ergonomic Seat and Armrests – intuitive operation
-Easily-accessible deck lift with four different height settings
-Mulching and bagging capability
-8.5 mph forward ground speed

The John Deere S170 and S180 models are both high-performance lawn tractors designed to provide exceptional mowing results. The S170 model has a 24hp V-twin engine, 48-in Edge Cutting System, foam-filled tires for traction, and a 7.5 mph forward ground speed. The S180 model offers a 25hp V-twin engine, 54-in Edge Cutting System, Smooth Ride Technology, and a 8.5 mph forward ground speed. Overall, the John Deere S180 provides a slightly more powerful engine than the S170, a larger cutting system, and a higher ground speed, making it a great choice for larger yards.

John Deere S170 Vs S180 Features

John Deere S170 Features:
-Dual-element air cleaner
-Edge cutting system with 0.7-inch deep deck
-Fender-mounted, group 0.5, 6 quart oil filter
-48-inch cutting width
-24 horse power engine
-Side-by-side hydrostatic forward/reverse pedals
-Top-mount fuel tank
-Cruise control

John Deere S180 Features:
-Dual-element air cleaner
-Edge cutting system with 0.7-inch deep deck
-Fender-mounted, group 0.6, 8 quart oil filter
-54-inch cutting width
-25 horse power engine
-Multi-function foot pedal selector
-Top-mount fuel tank
-Cruise control

Conclusion – The John Deere S170 and S180 are both powerful and reliable riding mowers with a lot of features in common. The S180 has a larger cutting width and amplified engine, with a larger oil filter that leads to easier maintenance. However, the S170 is still a reliable option, with a perfectly suitable engine and cutting width. With both mowers having cruise control, a dual-element air cleaner, the Edge cutting system, and a top-mount fuel tank, either model can provide you with an excellent lawn mowing experience.

John Deere S170 Vs S180 Maintenance

John Deere S170 and S180 are two lawn mowers in the John Deere lineup. Both models come with features such as speed control, engines specs, and service requirements that can cause confusion for owners. The maintenance and upkeep for both the S170 and S180 are fairly similar, but there are slight differences. For the S170, the main requirements include periodic blade sharpening and engine maintenance, changing the oil and oil filter after 100 hours of running, replacing the air filter every two years, and cleaning the mower deck. On the other hand, the S180 needs essentially the same maintenance but more often, such as every 25 hours of operations. Maintenance also includes greasing the swivel mounted components, inspecting the deck spindle, and replacing the fuel filter. In conclusion, the maintenance and upkeep for both the John Deere S170 and S180 require the same or similar actions; however, the frequency at which those actions need to be done is slightly different between the two models. Owners of either mower model should ensure to carry out service and maintenance regularly according to the specifications outlined in the owner’s manual in order to keep their mower running efficiently.

John Deere S170 Vs S180 Performance

John Deere S170:
• 24HP, 724cc air-cooled V-Twin Engine
• Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission
• Solden control levers with cushioned operation
• Electric PTO switch and overmold foot area
• Standard 15″ open back seat
• Reinforced cutting deck and tool-less deck lift
• Deep, easy-to-empty adjustable material collection system

John Deere S180:
• 25HP, 999cc air-cooled V-Twin Engine
• Ergonomic Twin Touch™ pedal control
• Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission
• Solid control lever and sidelock mowing deck
• Comfortable 18-inch open back seat
• Superb control, comfort and quality of cut
• Easy-to-empty deep material collection system

In conclusion, both John Deere S170 and S180 have a lot of similar features such as a powerful V-Twin engine, an easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission and an adjustable material collection system. The S170 is more ideal for basic mowing jobs due to its smaller engine size, open back seat and tool-less deck lift. However, the S180 is the better option for larger jobs due to its increased engine size, ergonomic Twin Touch™ pedal control and reinforced cutting deck.

What are They Best For

The John Deere S170 is best used for lawn and gardens jobs with a smaller engine and 22-inch cutting width. It is great for midsize yards up to 1 acre, or lawns with few obstacles. It also has an EZ-Trak control system, making it easy to customize the height of cut with fingertip control.

The John Deere S180 is best used for larger, heavier workloads with fe information and more powerful 24-hp cylinders. It can handle up to 5 acres and has more features for performance and comfort. Its StepThru system allows for easier entry and exit and the 46-inch cutting width makes it more versatile for larger lawns.


The John Deere S170 and S180 are both excellent lawnmowers that offer superior power, design, and features. The S170 is designed for lighter-duty cutting and smaller yards while the S180 is designed for tackling heavier-duty jobs and larger yards. The S170 has a more basic deck construction than the S180, and features a V-twin engine with a top speed of 5.5 MPH. It also has an onboard mulching option and an integrated front-end loader with a capacity of 8.5 bu. On the other hand, the S180 has a stronger construction and is powered by a 25 horsepower V-twin engine with a top speed of 6.5 MPH. It also comes with a three-blade mower deck and an onboard mulching option. Both mowers provide superior performance, and both offer advanced features. The primary difference between the two mowers is their power rating and the deck construction. If you are looking for a mower for a larger yard that can handle heavier-duty tasks, then the S180 might be the better choice for you. However, if you need a mower for a smaller yard, then the S170 is a great option.