Kubota KX121-3 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of Kubota KX121-3 Mini Excavator


  • Shipping Length Of Unit: 16.7ft in
  • Max Cutting Height: 17.78ft in
  • Shipping Height Of Unit: 8.19ft in
  • Max Loading Height: 12.76ft in
  • Max Reach Along Ground: 17.97ft in
  • Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 8.14ft in
  • Max Digging Depth: 11.5ft in
  • Width To Outside Of Tracks: 5.58ft in
  • Ground Clearance: 1.09ft in


  • Max Travel Speed: 3.1mph
  • Ground Pressure: 4.41psi

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Make: 2334
  • Engine Model: V2203-M
  • Net Power: 42hp
  • Power Measured @: 2250rpm
  • Displacement: 134.1cu in


  • Operating Weight: 9063lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 16.9gal
  • Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity: 17.7gal
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 25gal/min

Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Speed: 9.4rpm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum digging depth of the Kubota KX121-3?

The maximum digging depth is 11.5ft.

What is the engine power?

The engine has a net power of 42hp.

What is the operating weight?

The operating weight is 9063lb.

How fast can it travel?

The maximum travel speed is 3.1mph.

What is the fuel capacity?

The fuel capacity is 16.9 gallons.

A Versatile and Powerful Mini Excavator

Kubota’s KX121-3: A Compact Powerhouse

The Kubota KX121-3 is a mini excavator designed for efficiency and versatility. Manufactured by Kubota, this compact machine is well-suited for various types of work, including digging, lifting, and loading.

Key Features to Look Out For

The KX121-3 comes with a powerful 42hp engine, a maximum digging depth of 11.5ft, and an operating weight of 9063lb. Its hydraulic system is also robust, with a fluid capacity of 17.7 gallons.

Performance Metrics

This mini excavator offers excellent performance with a maximum travel speed of 3.1mph and a ground pressure of 4.41psi. Its swing speed is 9.4rpm, making it agile and efficient in various conditions.

Noteworthy Features

The KX121-3 is equipped with a hydraulic pump flow capacity of 25 gallons per minute, allowing for smooth and efficient operations. Its ground clearance of 1.09ft also adds to its versatility.

Reliability Factors

Kubota is known for its reliable machinery, and the KX121-3 is no exception. With a sturdy build and reliable engine, this mini excavator is built to last.

Value Proposition

When compared to similar models in the market, the KX121-3 offers good value for money, given its robust features and reliable performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: High engine power, good digging depth, reliable performance.
  • Cons: May be considered heavy for some applications, limited travel speed.

Ideal Work Conditions

The KX121-3 is best suited for small to medium-sized construction projects, landscaping, and farming. Its compact size makes it ideal for working in tight spaces.

Final Thoughts

The Kubota KX121-3 is a reliable and efficient mini excavator that offers a good range of features for its price. Its performance and versatility make it a solid choice for various types of work.