Kubota LA524 Specs & Review

Kubota LA524 Technical Specifications

Kubota LA524 Front End Loader Technical Specifications
Specification Details
Compatible Tractors Kubota L3200, L3800
Front Tires 7,2-16
Rear Tires 11,2-24
Rated Flow, lpm (gpm) 24.0 (6.5)
Loader Model Kubota LA524
Leveling System Mechanical self-leveling
Weight (w/o Bucket), lb. (kg) 860 (391)
Bucket Width, in. (mm) 60 (1520)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped), cu.ft.(m3) 9.2 (0.26)
Bucket Weight, lb. (kg) 200 (91)
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot pin), in. (mm) 94.3 (2394)
Clearance with Bucket Dumped, in. (mm) 71.2 (1795)
Reach At Maximum Lift Height, in. (mm) 23.4 (589)
Maximum Dump Angle, degrees 40
Reach with Bucket on Ground, in. (mm) 71.3 (1798)
Maximum Rollback Angle, degrees 45
Digging Depth, in. (mm) 11.4 (288)
Overall Height in Carry Position, in. (mm) 56.6 (1427)
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height at Pivot Pin, lbs. (kg) 1130 (513)
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height (500 mm forward Pivot Pin), lbs. (kg) 880 (400)
Lift Capacity to 1500 mm (59-in) Height at Pivot Pin, lbs. (kg) 1485 (675)
Lift Capacity to 1500 mm (59-in) Height (500 mm forward Pivot Pin), lbs. (kg) 1180 (536)
Breakout Force at Pivot Pin, lbs. (kg) 2455 (1116)
Breakout Force (500 mm forward Pivot Pin), lbs. (kg) 1870 (850)
Bucket Rollback Force at Maximum Height, lbs. (kg) 1182 (537)
Bucket Rollback Force at 1500 mm (59-in) Lift Height, lbs. (kg) 1780 (807)
Bucket Rollback Force at Ground Level, lbs. (kg) 2040 (927)
Raising Time, second 3.3
Lowering Time, second 2.1
Bucket Rollback Time, second 1.7
Bucket Dumping Time, second 1.4

Kubota LA524 Front End Loader FAQ

Kubota LA524 Front End Loader FAQ

What tractors are compatible with the Kubota LA524?

The Kubota LA524 is designed to be compatible with Kubota L3200 and L3800 tractors.

What are the front and rear tire specifications?

The front tires are 7,2-16 and the rear tires are 11,2-24.

What is the rated flow for this loader?

The rated flow for the Kubota LA524 is 24.0 lpm (6.5 gpm).

What is the leveling system used?

The Kubota LA524 uses a mechanical self-leveling system.

How much does the loader weigh without the bucket?

The weight of the loader without the bucket is 860 lbs (391 kg).

What are the bucket specifications?

The bucket width is 60 inches (1520 mm), and its heaped capacity is 9.2 cubic feet (0.26 cubic meters). The bucket itself weighs 200 lbs (91 kg).

What is the maximum lift height?

The maximum lift height at the pivot pin is 94.3 inches (2394 mm).

What is the breakout force?

The breakout force at the pivot pin is 2455 lbs (1116 kg).

What are the cycle times for various operations?

The raising time is 3.3 seconds, lowering time is 2.1 seconds, bucket rollback time is 1.7 seconds, and bucket dumping time is 1.4 seconds.

Review of Kubota LA524 Front End Loader

Review of Kubota LA524 Front End Loader

The Kubota LA524 is a mechanical self-leveling front end loader designed for Kubota L3200 and L3800 tractors. Manufactured by Kubota, this loader is built for performance and reliability.

Key Specifications

The Kubota LA524 comes with a range of impressive specifications. It has a maximum lift height of 94.3 inches at the pivot pin and a breakout force of 2455 lbs. The loader operates with a rated flow of 24.0 lpm (6.5 gpm) and weighs 860 lbs without the bucket.


The performance of this loader is commendable. It handles well and offers quick cycle times for various operations, including a raising time of 3.3 seconds and a bucket dumping time of 1.4 seconds. The loader is powerful and efficient, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.


One of the notable features of the Kubota LA524 is its mechanical self-leveling system. It also comes with a standard 5-foot material bucket with a heaped capacity of 9.2 cubic feet. The loader is designed for ease of use and offers excellent operational efficiency.


The Kubota LA524 is a reliable machine built for durability and long-lasting performance. While there are no common issues reported, it’s essential to maintain the loader properly for optimum performance.

Value for Money

Considering its features, performance, and reliability, the Kubota LA524 offers good value for money. It is competitively priced when compared to similar models in the market, making it a cost-effective choice for many.

Pros and Cons


  • High lifting capacity
  • Quick cycle times
  • Reliable and durable


  • Limited to specific Kubota tractor models
  • May require regular maintenance for optimum performance

Best Suited For

The Kubota LA524 is best suited for medium to heavy-duty tasks in farming and construction. It performs well in various terrains and weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for different types of work.

In summary, the Kubota LA524 is a robust and reliable front end loader that offers excellent performance, features, and value for money. It is a solid investment for those looking for a durable and efficient loader.