Kubota M7040 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications for Kubota M7040


  • Model Year: 2007 – 2013
  • Manufacturer: Kubota
  • Type: Utility tractor


  • Manufacturer: Kubota
  • Variants:
    • M7040SU: economy model
    • M7040HDN: narrow chassis
    • M7040F: 2WD ROPS sync-shuttle
    • M7040FC: 2WD cab sync-shuttle
    • M7040DT: 4WD ROPS sync-shuttle
    • M7040HD: 4WD ROPS hyd-shuttle
    • M7040DTC: 4WD cab sync-shuttle
    • M7040HDC: 4WD cab hyd-shuttle


  • Engine: Kubota 3.3L 4-cyl diesel


  • Types:
    • 8-speed partially synchronized
    • 8-speed power shuttle


  • Engine (net): 67 hp (50.0 kW)
  • PTO (claimed): 62 hp (46.2 kW)


  • Drive: Two- or four-wheel drive
  • Differential Lock: Mechanical rear
  • Steering: Power steering
  • Brakes: Wet disc brakes
  • ROPS: Two-post ROPS with optional canopy. Ultra Grand Cab optional with heat and air-conditioning.


  • Fuel (ROPS): 29.1 gal (110.1 L)
  • Fuel (Cab): 18.5 gal (70.0 L)
  • Hydraulic System: 10.6 gal (40.1 L)
  • Front Axle: 8.5 qts (8.0 L)


  • Type: Open center
  • Capacity: 10.6 gal (40.1 L)
  • Pressure: 2770 psi (191.0 bar)
  • Valves: 1 to 3
  • Pump Flow: 11 gpm (41.6 lpm)
  • Total Flow: 17.2 gpm (65.1 lpm)
  • Steering Flow: 6.1 gpm (23.1 lpm)

Hitch and PTO

  • Rear Hitch Type: II
  • Rear Lift (at ends): 4200 lbs (1905 kg)
  • Rear Lift (at 24″/610mm): 3307 lbs (1500 kg)
  • Rear PTO: Independent
  • Rear PTO Type: 540 (1.375)
  • Engine RPM: 540@2295

Dimensions & Tires

  • Wheelbase (4WD ROPS): 80.7 inches (204 cm)
  • Wheelbase (2WD ROPS): 82.1 inches (208 cm)
  • Wheelbase (4WD Cab): 83.1 inches (211 cm)
  • Wheelbase (2WD Cab): 84.4 inches (214 cm)
  • Weight: 4675 to 5470 pounds
  • Front Tire: 7.50-16
  • Rear Tire (2WD): 16.9-30


  • Available Attachments: Front-end loader, backhoe


  • Ground: Negative
  • Charging System: Alternator
  • Charging Amps:
    • 45 (ROPS)
    • 60 (cab)
    • 80 (optional)
  • Battery CCA: 900
  • Battery Volts: 12


What is the engine capacity of the Kubota M7040?

The Kubota M7040 is powered by a 3.3L 4-cylinder diesel engine.

What are the transmission types available for the Kubota M7040?

The Kubota M7040 offers an 8-speed partially synchronized and an 8-speed power shuttle transmission.

What is the fuel capacity of the Kubota M7040?

The fuel capacity for the ROPS variant is 29.1 gallons, while the Cab variant has a fuel capacity of 18.5 gallons.

What is the weight range of the Kubota M7040?

The Kubota M7040 weighs between 4675 to 5470 pounds.

What types of attachments are available for the Kubota M7040?

The Kubota M7040 can be equipped with a front-end loader and a backhoe.

Review of Kubota M7040

Kubota M7040: A Reliable Utility Tractor

Kubota, a renowned name in the tractor industry, presents the M7040, a utility tractor designed to cater to a variety of farming needs.

Key Specifications

The M7040 is powered by a 3.3L 4-cylinder diesel engine, delivering a net power of 67 hp. It offers two transmission types: an 8-speed partially synchronized and an 8-speed power shuttle. With a weight ranging from 4675 to 5470 pounds, it’s robust enough for heavy-duty tasks.


The M7040 boasts a smooth performance, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently. Its power steering and wet disc brakes ensure easy handling and safe operations.


One of the standout features of the M7040 is its hydraulic system, with a capacity of 10.6 gallons and a pressure of 2770 psi. The tractor also offers a variety of attachments, including a front-end loader and backhoe, enhancing its versatility.


Kubota is known for producing reliable machinery, and the M7040 is no exception. With its robust build and quality components, it promises longevity and fewer maintenance issues.

Value for Money

Considering its features, performance, and the brand’s reputation, the M7040 offers good value for money. It’s a worthy investment for those looking for a reliable utility tractor.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful engine
  • Multiple transmission options
  • Versatile with available attachments
  • Reliable performance


  • Might be on the heavier side for some tasks
  • Limited advanced technological features

Best Suited For

The Kubota M7040 is best suited for medium to large-scale farming. Its power and versatility make it ideal for tasks like plowing, tilling, and hauling.

Final Verdict

The Kubota M7040 is a well-rounded utility tractor that offers a blend of power, versatility, and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to the field, this tractor is a solid investment for a variety of agricultural tasks.