Massey Ferguson 236 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of Massey Ferguson 236 Loader

General Information

  • Fitted to Tractors: MF 245, 255, 265, 184-4
  • Front Tires: 6.00-16/11.2-24
  • Rear Tires: 16.9-24/16.9-30
  • Rated Flow, GPM (LPM): 10.0-12.0 (38.0-45.5)
  • Maximum Pressure, Bar (PSI): 160-175 (2300-2500)

60″ Standard Material Bucket

  • Width, in (mm): 60 (1520)
  • Depth, in (mm): 29 (734)
  • Height, in (mm): 25 (633)
  • Capacity (Struck), cu.ft (m3): 14.0 (0.40)
  • Capacity (Heaped), cu.ft (m3): 17.6 (0.50)
  • Weight, lbs (kg): 440 (200)

72″ Standard Material Bucket

  • Width, in (mm): 72 (1820)
  • Depth, in (mm): 29 (734)
  • Height, in (mm): 25 (633)
  • Capacity (Struck), cu.ft (m3): 16.9 (0.48)
  • Capacity (Heaped), cu.ft (m3): 21.3 (0.61)
  • Weight, lbs (kg): 490 (223)

Loader Dimensions

  • Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Pin: 144 in (3645 mm)
  • Clearance with Bucket Dumped: 102 in (2580 mm)
  • Reach at Maximum Lift Height: 27 in (630 mm)
  • Maximum Dump Angle: 42 degrees

Operating Data

  • Lift Capacity to Max. Height at Pivot Point, lbs (kg): 2500 (1135)
  • Breakout Force at Bucket Pivot Point, lbs (kg): 3250 (1475)

Cycle Times

  • Raising Time, sec: 6.0
  • Lowering Time, sec: 5.0
  • Bucket Dumping Time, sec: 4.0
  • Bucket Rollback Time, sec: 3.0

Frequently Asked Questions

What tractors is the Massey Ferguson 236 loader compatible with?

The loader is compatible with MF 245, 255, 265, and MF 184-4 tractors.

What is the maximum lift height of the loader?

The maximum lift height to the pivot pin is 144 inches (3645 mm).

What is the lift capacity of the loader?

The lift capacity at the maximum height at the pivot point is 2500 lbs (1135 kg).

How long does it take to raise the bucket to full height?

It takes 6 seconds to raise the bucket to full height.

What is the maximum dump angle of the bucket?

The maximum dump angle of the bucket is 42 degrees.

A Robust Addition to Your Farming Arsenal

The Massey Ferguson 236 is a front-end loader designed to be compatible with a range of Massey Ferguson tractors, including the MF 245, 255, 265, and 184-4 models.

Key Specifications

The loader boasts a lift capacity of 2500 lbs at the pivot point and a maximum lift height of 144 inches. It operates at a maximum pressure of 175 bars and has a rated flow of 12 GPM.


The loader performs exceptionally well, with cycle times of 6 seconds for lifting to full height and 4 seconds for full bucket dump. The breakout force at the bucket pivot point is 3250 lbs, providing ample power for most tasks.


The loader comes with options for a 60″ or 72″ standard material bucket, each with different capacities and dimensions. The 72″ bucket, for instance, has a heaped capacity of 21.3 cubic feet.


The Massey Ferguson 236 is a reliable piece of equipment, built to handle a variety of tasks. Its hydraulic system is robust, and the loader itself is constructed with durability in mind.

Value for Money

Considering its features, performance, and compatibility with multiple tractor models, the Massey Ferguson 236 offers good value for money.

Pros and Cons


  • High lift capacity
  • Quick cycle times
  • Versatile bucket options


  • Limited to specific Massey Ferguson tractor models

Best Suited For

The loader is best suited for medium to large-scale farming operations where lifting and material handling are frequent tasks.

Final Verdict

The Massey Ferguson 236 loader is a robust, reliable, and versatile addition to any compatible Massey Ferguson tractor. With its high lift capacity, quick cycle times, and durable construction, it offers excellent value for money.