New Holland RG80 Specs & Review

New Holland RG80 Motor Grader Technical Specs
Overall Length 21.72ft in
Width Over Tires 7.55ft in
Height To Top Of Isomount Cab 9.81ft in
Torque 240lb ft
Number Of Cylinders 4
Engine Make New Holland
Engine Model Genesis 5.0
Power Measured @ 2200rpm
Torque Measured @ 1400rpm
Max Power 76hp
Displacement 303.9cu in
Bore 4.5in
Stroke 5in
Std Operation Weight – Front Axle 4557lb
Std Operation Weight – Rear Axle 10943lb
Std Operation Weight – Total 15500lb
Tire Size 15.00*19.5 -8 PR (G2)
Operating Voltage 24V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 100amps
Articulation Angle 25degrees
Turning Radius 18.8ft in
Transmission Type Torque converter/ Power shift
Number Of Gears – Forward 6
Number Of Gears – Reverse 3
Max Speed – Forward 25.1mph
Max Speed – Reverse 16.5mph
Wheel Lean 18degrees
Oscillation – Total 20degrees
Ground Clearance 1.7ft in
Moldboard Width 10ft in
Moldboard Height 16.4in
Moldboard Thickness 0.7in
Hydraulic System Pump Type BARNS gear pump
Pump Flow 10.1gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 1850psi
Circle Diameter 52.8in
Circle Rotation 360degrees
Max Reach Outside Tires – Left 70.6in
Max Reach Outside Tires – Right 76.2in
Max Lift Above Ground 15.4in

What is the overall length of the New Holland RG80 Motor Grader?

The overall length is 21.72ft.

How many cylinders does the engine of the New Holland RG80 have?

The engine has 4 cylinders.

What is the operational weight of the New Holland RG80?

The standard operational weight is 15500lb.

The New Holland RG80 Motor Grader is another masterpiece from New Holland. This motor grader is designed for tasks that require precision and power.

Key Specifications: The RG80 is powered by a 4-cylinder engine, known as the Genesis 5.0. It has an overall length of 21.72ft and a standard operational weight of 15500lb.

Performance: With its efficient engine and design, the RG80 offers smooth handling and adequate power for grading tasks.

Features: The RG80 comes equipped with a BARNS gear pump hydraulic system and advanced controls for precise grading. The design also emphasizes operator comfort and safety.

Reliability: New Holland’s reputation for producing reliable machines is evident in the RG80. It’s built to handle demanding tasks and is relatively easy to maintain.

Value for Money: Considering its features and performance, the RG80 offers good value for its price, especially when compared to other motor graders in its range.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Efficient hydraulic system, user-friendly controls, good value for money.
Cons: Limited advanced technological features, might be underpowered for heavy-duty tasks.

Best Suited For: The RG80 is ideal for medium-scale grading tasks in various terrains. It’s especially suited for projects that require precision and efficiency.

The New Holland RG80 Motor Grader is a reliable and efficient machine, suitable for a range of grading tasks. It offers a good balance of power, precision, and value.