Case 580SL Specs & Review

Case 580SL Loader Backhoe Technical Specs
Load Height – Std 11.2ft in
Reach From Swivel – Std 18.11ft in
Dig Depth – Std 14.5ft in
Reach At Load Height – Std 8.9ft in
Load At Max Lift – Std 2395lb
Bucket Dig Force – Ext 13126lb
Bucket Dig Force – Std 13126lb
Dig Depth – Ext 18.3ft in
Reach At Load Height – Ext 11.6ft in
Load At Max Lift – Ext 1603lb
Load Height – Ext 13.3ft in
Reach From Swivel – Ext 21.1ft in
Transport Length 22.7ft in
Transport Width 7.2ft in
Transport Height 19.2ft in
Wheelbase 7ft in
Ground Clearance 1.25ft in
Rear Wheel Tread Width – Min 61.2in
Height To Top Of Suspended Cab 8.1ft in
Front Wheel Tread Width 67.5in
Clearance At Max Dump Height 8.1ft in
Reach At Max Dump Height 2.31ft in
Dig Depth 5.9in
Bucket Breakout Force 9667lb
Bucket Width 82in
Bucket Capacity 1.01yd3
Lift Capacity At Full Height 6182lb
Number Of Cylinders 4
Engine Make Case
Engine Model 4T-390
Net Power 86hp
Gross Power 91hp
Power Measured @ 2200rpm
Torque Measured @ 1400rpm
Net Max Torque 252lb ft
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement 239cu in
Bore 4.1in
Stroke 4.8in
Fuel Capacity 31.4gal
Operating Weight 4wd 13283lb
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 33gal
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 4.4gal
Transmission Fluid Capacity 4.9gal
Front Axle Fluid Capacity 1.5gal
Rear Axle Fluid Capacity 3.8gal
Tire Size Front – 2wd / 4wd 11L x 16, 10PR / 12 x 16.5, 8PR
Rear Tires Size 2wd/4wd 17.5L x 24, 10PR / 19.5L x 24, 10PR
Operating Voltage 12V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 65amps
Transmission Type Fully synchronized 4-speed forward reverse shuttle
Number Of Forward Gears 4
Number Of Reverse Gears 4
Max Speed – Forward 25.8mph
Max Speed Reverse 31.1mph
Pump Type Front mounted, positive displacement, gear-type tandem
Pump Flow Capacity 27.5gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 2500psi

What is the net power of the Caterpillar 330D L Hydraulic Excavator?

The Caterpillar 330D L Hydraulic Excavator has a net power of 270hp.

What is the operating weight of the Caterpillar 330D L?

The operating weight of this excavator is 79700lb.

How much hydraulic fluid can the Caterpillar 330D L hold?

The hydraulic system fluid capacity of the Caterpillar 330D L is 108.3 gallons.

The Case 580SL Loader Backhoe is a versatile piece of equipment manufactured by Case. It’s designed for both loading and excavation tasks.

Key Specifications: This loader backhoe features a net power of 86hp and an operating weight of 13283lb when equipped with 4WD. It has a fuel capacity of 31.4 gallons.

Performance: The 580SL offers a balanced performance for both loading and digging tasks. Its engine provides sufficient power for most standard operations.

Features: The model comes with a fully synchronized 4-speed forward reverse shuttle transmission and a front-mounted hydraulic pump for efficient operations.

Reliability: Case machinery is known for its reliability, and the 580SL is no different. It’s built to handle tough tasks and offers consistent performance.

Value for Money: Given its dual functionality and features, the 580SL provides good value for its price, especially when compared to standalone loaders or backhoes.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Dual functionality, reliable performance, efficient transmission system.
  • Cons: Might require regular maintenance, not as powerful as specialized equipment.

Best Suited For: The Case 580SL is ideal for construction sites, medium-sized farms, and projects that require both loading and excavation without switching equipment.

The Case 580SL Loader Backhoe is a versatile and reliable machine that offers a balanced performance for a range of tasks. Its dual functionality and efficient features make it a valuable addition to any fleet.