Caterpillar 140H Specs & Review

Caterpillar 140H Motor Grader Technical Specs
Overall Length 28.58ft in
Width Over Tires 8.08ft in
Wheelbase 20.24ft in
Rear Ground Clearance 1.13ft in
Tandem Axle Wheelbase 5ft in
Front Ground Clearance 1.96ft in
Blade Base 8.4ft in
Height To Top Of Isomount Cab 10.25ft in
Number Of Cylinders 6
Net Power Gear 4-6 185hp
Engine Make 2236
Engine Model 3176C DITA ATAAC VHP
Net Power Gear 1-2 165hp
Power Measured @ 2000rpm
Net Power Gear 5-6 185hp
Max Power 185hp
Net Power Gears 7-8 185hp
Displacement 629cu in
Std Operation Weight – Front Axle 9123lb
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 20.8gal
Std Operation Weight – Rear Axle 23234lb
Std Operation Weight – Total 32357lb
Max Operation Weight – Front Axle 16733lb
Max Operation Weight – Rear Axle 30139lb
Max Operation Weight – Total 46872lb
Fuel Capacity 105gal
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 10gal
Rear Diff/Final Drive Fluid Capacity 12.4gal
Circle Gearbox Fluid Capacity 1.8gal
Tandem Case Fluid Capacity (Each) 16.9gal
Articulation Angle 20degrees
Turning Radius 24.6ft in
Transmission Type direct drive, power shift
Number Of Gears – Forward 8
Number Of Gears – Reverse 6
Max Speed – Forward 27.4mph
Max Speed – Reverse 21.6mph
Wheel Lean 18degrees
Oscillation – Total 32degrees
Ground Clearance 2ft in
Moldboard Width 12ft in
Moldboard Height 24in
Moldboard Thickness 0.9in
Max Depth Of Cut 28.1in
Side Shift Left 20.6in
Side Shift Right 26in
Blade Pull At Max Weight 42184lb
Blade Down Pressure 28697.6lb
Pump Type axial piston
Pump Flow 54.4gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 3500psi
Circle Diameter 60.2in
Shift Left 27.4in
Shift Right 28.7in
Max Reach Outside Tires – Left 74.6in
Max Reach Outside Tires – Right 77.9in
Max Lift Above Ground 18.9in
Blade Tip Angle – Front 40degrees
Blade Tip Angle – Rear 5degrees

What is the overall length of the Caterpillar 140H Motor Grader?

The overall length is 28.58ft.

How many cylinders does the engine of the Caterpillar 140H have?

The engine has 6 cylinders.

What is the operational weight of the Caterpillar 140H?

The standard operational weight is 32357lb.

The Caterpillar 140H Motor Grader is a product of Caterpillar, a global leader in heavy machinery. This model is a motor grader, designed for road construction and maintenance tasks.

Key Specifications: The 140H features a 6-cylinder engine with a power output of 185hp. It has an overall length of 28.58ft and a standard operational weight of 32357lb.

Performance: Known for its power and precision, the 140H offers excellent handling, impressive speed, and robust power, making road grading tasks efficient and accurate.

Features: The model boasts advanced hydraulic systems and a spacious cab designed for operator comfort. It also features advanced controls for precision grading.

Reliability: Caterpillar machines are synonymous with reliability, and the 140H lives up to this reputation. It’s built to last and handle tough grading tasks with ease.

Value for Money: Given its features and performance, the 140H offers excellent value, especially when compared to other graders in its class.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Powerful engine, advanced controls, durable build.
Cons: Might be overpriced for some budgets, larger size might not be suitable for all sites.

Best Suited For: The 140H is perfect for large-scale road construction and maintenance projects. It’s designed to handle various terrains and conditions, making it versatile for different grading tasks.

The Caterpillar 140H Motor Grader is a top-tier machine, offering power, precision, and reliability. It’s an excellent investment for those in the road construction industry.