Caterpillar 305E2 CR Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of Caterpillar 305E2 CR Mini Excavator


  • Overall Length: 36.96ft
  • Overall Width: 19.18ft
  • Overall Height: 11.81ft
  • Wheelbase: 10.18ft
  • Ground Clearance: 2.02ft
  • Dump Height: 23.84ft
  • Dump Ground Clearance: 2.7ft


  • Net Power: 40.2hp
  • Displacement: 146cu in
  • Bore: 3.4in
  • Stroke: 4in
  • Engine Model: Cat C2.4
  • Gross Power – Iso 14396: 41.8hp
  • Rated Net Power – 2,200 Rpm – Iso 9249/Eec 80/1269: 40.2hp


  • Operating Weight: 11443lb


  • Height: 14.8in
  • Width: 6.5ft
  • Lift Height: 15.9in
  • Dig Depth: 21.9in

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic System Type: Load Sensing Hydraulics with Variable Displacement Piston Pump
  • Operating Pressure – Swing: 3132 psi
  • Operating Pressure – Equipment: 3553 psi
  • Operating Pressure – Travel: 3553 psi
  • Digging Force – Stick – Standard: 5550lb
  • Digging Force – Stick – Long: 4788lb
  • Digging Force – Bucket: 10050lb
  • Auxiliary Circuit – Secondary (174 Bar/2,524 Psi): 6.6 gal/min
  • Auxiliary Circuit – Primary (186 Bar/2,734 Psi): 21.1 gal/min
  • Pump Flow At 2,400 Rpm: 39.6 gal/min

Service Refill Capacities

  • Cooling System: 2.8gal
  • Fuel Tank: 16.6gal
  • Hydraulic Tank: 18gal
  • Hydraulic System: 20.6gal
  • Engine Oil: 2.5gal

Travel System

  • Maximum Traction Force – High Speed: 5418lb
  • Maximum Traction Force – Low Speed: 10161lb
  • Travel Speed – High: 2.7mph
  • Travel Speed – Low: 1.7mph
  • Gradeability – Maximum: 30 degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum speed of the Caterpillar 305E2 CR Mini Excavator?

The maximum speed is 2.7mph.

What is the operating weight?

The operating weight is 11443lb.

How much horsepower does the engine have?

The engine has a net power of 40.2hp.

What is the fuel tank capacity?

The fuel tank capacity is 16.6 gallons.

What is the digging force of the bucket?

The digging force of the bucket is 10050lb.

Review of Caterpillar 305E2 CR Mini Excavator

Key Specifications

The Caterpillar 305E2 CR Mini Excavator is a compact yet powerful machine equipped with a Cat C2.4 engine that delivers a net power of 40.2hp. The excavator has an operating weight of 11443lb and features a maximum speed of 2.7mph.


With a digging force of 10050lb and a hydraulic system designed for efficiency, the Caterpillar 305E2 CR is designed for precise and quick operations. It can handle a variety of tasks, from digging to material handling.


The excavator comes with a load-sensing hydraulic system with a variable displacement piston pump. It also features a ground clearance of 2.02ft, providing flexibility in various operational conditions.


The Caterpillar 305E2 CR is a reliable machine with a sturdy build. Its hydraulic system and engine are designed for long-term use, reducing the frequency of maintenance.

Value for Money

Compared to similar models, the Caterpillar 305E2 CR offers good value for money, given its robust specifications and reliable performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Compact design, high digging force, reliable hydraulic system.
  • Cons: Limited ground clearance, relatively low maximum speed.

Best Suited For

The Caterpillar 305E2 CR is best suited for small to medium-sized construction sites and landscaping tasks. It is particularly effective in tight spaces and offers precise operational capabilities.

Final Verdict

The Caterpillar 305E2 CR Mini Excavator is a reliable and efficient machine that offers a range of features and specifications to suit various operational needs. It is a good investment for those looking for a compact yet powerful excavator.