Kubota LA435 Specs & Review

Technical Specifications of Kubota LA435 Loader

Compatible Tractors

  • Tractor Model: Kubota B2301, B2401, B2601
  • Front Tire Size: 7.00×12
  • Rear Tire Size: 11.2×16
  • Pump Flow, gpm (lpm): 4.7 (18.0)
  • Hydraulic Pressure, bar (psi): 141 (2000)

Loader Specifications

  • Loader Model: Kubota LA435
  • Leveling System: Non self leveling
  • Lift Cylinder Size (Bore/Stroke), in (mm): 45×350 (1.77×13.7)
  • Bucket Cylinder Size (Bore/Stroke), in (mm): 45×335 (1.77×13.2)
  • Weight, lbs (kg): 460 (208)

50″ Standard Material Bucket

  • Bucket Type: Pin-on or Quick attach
  • Width, in (mm): 50 (1270)
  • Struck Capacity, cu.ft (m3): 5.4 (0.15)
  • Heaped Capacity, cu.ft (m3): 6.5 (0.18)
  • Weight, lbs (kg): 150 (68)

54″ Standard Material Bucket

  • Bucket Type: Pin-on or Quick attach
  • Width, in (mm): 54 (1370)
  • Struck Capacity, cu.ft (m3): 6.7 (0.19)
  • Heaped Capacity, cu.ft (m3): 8.8 (0.25)
  • Weight, lbs (kg): 198 (90)

Loader Dimensions

  • Maximum Lift Height at Pin, in (mm): 78.5 (1995)
  • Maximum Lift Height under Bucket Level, in (mm): 72.9 (1855)
  • Clearance with Bucket Dumped, in (mm): 61.7 (1570)
  • Reach at Maximum Height, in (mm): 15.4 (395)
  • Maximum Dump Angle, deg: 40
  • Reach with Bucket on Ground, in (mm): 51 (1295)
  • Bucket Rollback Angle, deg: 25
  • Digging Depth, in (mm): 3.8 (96)

Operating Data

  • Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pin, lbs (kg): 950 (430)
  • Lift Capacity to Full Height at 19.7″ (0.5m) ahead of Pin, lbs (kg): 660 (300)
  • Breakout Force at Pin, lbs (kg): 2145 (973)
  • Breakout Force at 19.7″ (0.5m) ahead of Pin, lbs (kg): 1520 (690)

Cycle Times

  • Raising Time, sec: 3.8
  • Lowering Time, sec: 2.7
  • Bucket Dumping Time: 1.9
  • Bucket Rollback Time: 2.5

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum lift height of the Kubota LA435 Loader?

The maximum lift height at the pin is 78.5 inches (1995 mm).

What is the weight of the loader?

The weight of the loader is 460 lbs (208 kg).

What is the breakout force at the pin?

The breakout force at the pin is 2145 lbs (973 kg).

What is the cycle time for raising the bucket?

The cycle time for raising the bucket is 3.8 seconds.

What is the heaped capacity of the 54″ standard material bucket?

The heaped capacity of the 54″ standard material bucket is 8.8 cu.ft (0.25 cu.m).

Review of Kubota LA435 Loader

Key Specifications

The Kubota LA435 Loader is a non-self-leveling front-end loader compatible with Kubota B2301, B2401, and B2601 tractors. It has a lift capacity of 950 lbs at the pin and a breakout force of 2145 lbs.


The loader offers efficient cycle times, taking only 3.8 seconds to raise to maximum height and 1.9 seconds for maximum bucket dumping. This makes it ideal for quick and efficient operations.


The Kubota LA435 comes with a choice of 50″ or 54″ standard material buckets, both of which can be either pin-on or quick attach. The loader also features double-acting hydraulic bucket and lifting cylinders.


With robust hydraulic pressure and durable build, the Kubota LA435 is designed for long-term use and requires minimal maintenance.

Value for Money

Considering its features and performance, the Kubota LA435 offers good value for money when compared to similar models in the market.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Efficient cycle times, versatile bucket options, robust build.
  • Cons: Non-self-leveling system, limited lift capacity compared to some other models.

Best Suited For

The Kubota LA435 is best suited for small to medium-sized farming operations and is particularly effective for tasks that require quick and efficient lifting and dumping.

Final Verdict

The Kubota LA435 Loader is a reliable and efficient choice for those looking for a front-end loader with quick cycle times and versatile bucket options. It offers a good balance of features and performance, making it a worthwhile investment.