Caterpillar 983 Specs & Review

Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader Technical Specs
Length With Bucket On Ground 22.25ft
Ground Clearance 1.97ft
Width To Outside Of Tracks 9.52ft
Clearance At Full Height And Dump 11.98ft
Reach At Dump Height 7.09ft
Length To Front Of Track 15.16ft
Track Gauge 92.13in
Length Of Track On Ground 11.09ft
Number Of Shoes Per Side 42
Number Of Track Rollers Per Side 7
Track Shoe Width 22.05in
Ground Contact Area 5843.52in2
Number Of Cylinders 6
Engine Make 2236
Engine Model D343
Net Power 275hp
Power Measured @ 2060rpm
Aspiration turbocharged
Displacement 891cu in
Operating Weight 71650.3lb
Fuel Capacity 134.8gal
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 23gal
Engine Oil Capacity 10.9gal
Final Drive Fluid Capacity – Each 8.5gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 38.1gal
Static Tipping Load 48680lb
Breakout Force – Std Bucket 43850lb
Bucket Capacity – Struck 3.8yd3
Bucket Capacity – Heaped 4.9yd3
Operating Voltage 24V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 19amps
Max Speed 7.4mph
Pump Flow Capacity 137.4gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 2150psi
Raise Time 7.7sec
Dump Time 1.4sec
Lower Time 3.2sec

What is the length of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader with the bucket on the ground?

It is 22.25ft.

How wide is the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader to the outside of its tracks?

The width to the outside of the tracks is 9.52ft.

What is the ground clearance of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader?

The ground clearance is 1.97ft.

How many cylinders does the engine of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader have?

The engine has 6 cylinders.

What is the net power of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader’s engine?

The net power is 275hp.

What is the operating weight of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader?

The operating weight is 71650.3lb.

How much fuel can the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader hold?

Its fuel capacity is 134.8gal.

What is the bucket capacity (heaped) of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader?

The bucket capacity when heaped is 4.9yd3.

How fast can the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader move?

The maximum speed is 7.4mph.

What is the hydraulic pump flow capacity of the Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader?

The pump flow capacity is 137.4gal/min.

The Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader is a robust and versatile piece of machinery manufactured by Caterpillar, a renowned name in the heavy machinery industry. Designed for demanding tasks, this crawler loader is a testament to Caterpillar’s commitment to quality and performance.

Key Specifications:

The Caterpillar 983 boasts a powerful engine with 6 cylinders and a net power of 275hp. It has an operating weight of 71650.3lb and a fuel capacity of 134.8gal. The loader’s bucket capacity when heaped is 4.9yd3, making it suitable for significant load-bearing tasks.


With its impressive engine power and efficient transmission system, the Caterpillar 983 offers smooth handling even in challenging terrains. Its maximum speed of 7.4mph ensures timely completion of tasks, while the robust engine provides consistent power delivery.


The crawler loader comes with advanced hydraulic systems, ensuring efficient operations. Its ground contact area of 5843.52in2 provides stability, and the 24V operating voltage ensures seamless electrical operations. Comfort and safety features are also embedded to enhance the operator’s experience.


Caterpillar is known for its reliable machinery, and the 983 Crawler Loader is no exception. While minor issues might arise due to wear and tear, the machine’s overall build quality ensures longevity and easy maintenance.

Value for Money:

Considering its specifications, features, and the brand’s reputation, the Caterpillar 983 offers good value for money. When compared to similar models in the market, it stands out in terms of performance and reliability.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Powerful engine performance
    • Robust build quality
    • Advanced hydraulic systems
    • Good ground stability
  • Cons:
    • May be costlier than some competitors
    • Size might be challenging for some terrains

Best Suited For:

The Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader is best suited for large-scale construction and farming tasks. Its design and features make it ideal for rough terrains and demanding weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the environment.

The Caterpillar 983 Crawler Loader is a top-tier machine that embodies Caterpillar’s commitment to excellence. With its impressive specifications, reliable performance, and advanced features, it is a worthy investment for those seeking efficiency and durability. Whether for construction, farming, or any heavy-duty task, the 983 is sure to deliver.