New Holland LS160 Specs & Review

New Holland LS160 Skid Steer Loader Technical Specs
Length With Bucket 5.48ft in
Width Over Tires 5.48ft in
Ground Clearance 7.88in
Height To Top Of Cab 6.24ft in
Wheelbase 3.55ft in
Clearance At Max Lift And Dump 7.55ft in
Reach At Max Lift And Dump 29.14in
Turning Radius From Center – Machine Rear 59.85in
Turning Radius From Center – Inc Bucket 74.02in
Number Of Cylinders 4
Engine Make 2249
Engine Model N844
Gross Power 46hp
Net Power 44hp
Power Measured @ 2900rpm
Displacement 119.4cu in
Operational Weight 4872.3lb
Fuel Capacity 14.4gal
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 2.7gal
Engine Oil Fluid Capacity 2.2gal
Max Speed 7.6mph
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 8.7gal
Chain Box Fluid Capacity – Each Side 3.3gal
Tire Size 10×16.5
Operating Voltage 12V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 40amps
Breakout Force 3719.2lb
Operating Load Rating 1600.6lb
Tipping Angle 3498.8degrees
Bucket Capacity 0.6yd3
Pump Type New Holland double acting
Pump Flow Capacity 15.5gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 2600psi

What is the length of the New Holland LS160 with its bucket?

The length with the bucket is 5.48ft in.

How wide is the New Holland LS160 over its tires?

The width over tires is 5.48ft in.

What is the ground clearance of the New Holland LS160?

The ground clearance is 7.88in.

How tall is the New Holland LS160 to the top of its cab?

The height to the top of the cab is 6.24ft in.

What is the wheelbase of the New Holland LS160?

The wheelbase is 3.55ft in.

What is the clearance at maximum lift and dump for the New Holland LS160?

The clearance at max lift and dump is 7.55ft in.

How many cylinders does the engine of the New Holland LS160 have?

The engine has 4 cylinders.

What is the gross power of the New Holland LS160’s engine?

The gross power is 46hp.

What is the operational weight of the New Holland LS160?

The operational weight is 4872.3lb.

What is the fuel capacity of the New Holland LS160?

The fuel capacity is 14.4gal.

What type of hydraulic pump does the New Holland LS160 use?

The hydraulic pump type is New Holland double acting.

The New Holland LS160 Skid Steer Loader is a versatile piece of machinery manufactured by New Holland. As a skid steer loader, it’s designed to be compact yet powerful, making it ideal for a variety of tasks in construction and agriculture.

Key Specifications:

The LS160 boasts a robust engine with 4 cylinders, producing a gross power of 46hp and a net power of 44hp. The engine operates optimally at 2900rpm. The machine has an operational weight of 4872.3lb and a fuel capacity of 14.4 gallons. Its wheelbase measures 3.55ft in, and it comes equipped with 10×16.5 tire size.


This skid steer loader offers impressive performance with a maximum speed of 7.6mph. Its hydraulic system is efficient, ensuring smooth operations during lifting and other tasks. The breakout force of 3719.2lb and an operating load rating of 1600.6lb further attest to its power and capability.


The New Holland LS160 is packed with features that enhance its functionality. It boasts a New Holland double-acting hydraulic pump and a relief valve pressure of 2600psi. The loader also offers a commendable ground clearance of 7.88in, ensuring it can navigate various terrains with ease.


New Holland is known for producing reliable machinery, and the LS160 is no exception. While all machines may encounter issues over time, the LS160’s design and build quality ensure that common problems are minimal and can be addressed efficiently.

Value for Money:

Given its specifications and features, the LS160 offers good value for money. When compared to similar models in the market, it stands out in terms of performance and reliability, making it a worthy investment for professionals seeking a durable skid steer loader.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Powerful engine with 46hp gross power.
    • Efficient hydraulic system.
    • Good ground clearance for varied terrains.
    • Reliable and durable design.
  • Cons:
    • Limited features compared to higher-end models.
    • May not be suitable for extremely heavy-duty tasks.

Best Suited For:

The New Holland LS160 Skid Steer Loader is best suited for medium-duty tasks in both agriculture and construction. Its design allows it to perform well in varied terrains, making it ideal for farms with uneven landscapes and construction sites with challenging conditions.

In summary, the New Holland LS160 Skid Steer Loader is a reliable and efficient machine that offers good value for money. Its performance, combined with its features, makes it a solid choice for professionals in the construction and agricultural sectors. Whether you’re looking for a machine for regular tasks or specific projects, the LS160 is a worthy contender to consider.