How To Draw A Massey Ferguson Tractor

This tutorial will show you how to draw a Massey Ferguson tractor. The steps are easy to follow, and you should be able to follow along and create your own Massey Ferguson tractor. First, draw a rectangle in the middle of your paper to represent the cab of the tractor. Then, draw two circles at the top of the rectangle for the headlights. Now, draw a line at the top of the rectangle and two parallel lines at the bottom to form a flat surface for the cabin. Draw two vertical lines above the cabin for the wheel wells, and two horizontal lines for the wheel axles. Then, draw four circles for the wheels. Add two wheel discs in front of the wheel wells on the sides of the cabin. Then draw in the grille and the front of the hood. Draw two doors on the sides of the cab, and add details such as windows, door handles, and mirrors. For the engine, draw a rectangle behind the cab and draw a few small circles to represent the cylinders. For the exhaust pipe, draw a thin line that goes up to the wheel wells. Finally, draw a chimney stack on the hood and add a few speaker boxes on the side of the cab. And there you have it! Your Massey Ferguson tractor.