John Deere S600 Vs S700

John Deere S600 series and S700 series combines are two of the most popular large-scale agriculture machines on the market today. From family-owned farms to global agricultural operations, these two models provide the power, precision and dependability necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Both the John Deere S600 and the John Deere S700 series features advanced technology and efficiencies that benefit all farmers in their crop production.

The John Deere S600 series is ideal for small to medium-sized operations, and provides numerous benefits like increased efficiency and productivity. With multiple models to choose from, the S600 series suits the needs for all types of farming. From the S670 with a larger grain tank capacity to the S680 harvesting options, farmers can rely on the S600’s superior power and stability to get the job done.

The John Deere S700 series has been designed for larger operations and provides a range of new features and functions to increase speed, accuracy and power. All models of the S700 come with a variety of options and accessories, such as the Auto-Trac™ automated guidance system for precise steering and the HarvestSmart™ yield monitoring technology for consistently superior results. With the S700, farmers can rely on the ultimate in accuracy and power.

John Deere S600 Vs S700 Specs

John Deere S600 Specs
– Engine: 2.1L Low Emission Diesel
– Horsepower: 92 HP
– Torque: 245 Nm
– Weight: 1,888 kg
– Fuel Capacity: 128 L
– Optional PTO: Yes
– Maximum Speed: 23.2 km/h
– Reach: 6.7 m

John Deere S700 Specs
– Engine: 4.5L Low Emission Diesel
– Horsepower: 225 HP
– Torque: 676 Nm
– Weight: 4,266 kg
– Fuel Capacity: 279 L
– Optional PTO: Yes
– Maximum Speed: 30.4 km/h
– Reach: 8.2 m

The John Deere S600 and S700 models have dramatically different specs. The S600 is smaller, lighter and has a lower maximum speed than the S700. However, the S700 has much more power and torque, as well as a greater fuel capacity and range. Therefore, the John Deere S700 is clearly better suited for heavy-duty tasks and long-distance travel.

John Deere S600 Vs S700 Features

John Deere S600:
-Premium cab with CommandView II multi-function display
-High-performance e23™ PowerTech™ engine
-PowerCore Technology for efficiency and noise reduction
-AutoTrac Ready™ an optional AutoTrac™ Guidance System
-Four-wheel drive and various tire options for better traction
-ActiveCommand™ Steering for smoother operation and improved turning radius
-Integrated auto-guidance technologies to improve accuracy

John Deere S700:
-CommandPro control armrest
-High-performance and fuel-efficient engine
-PowerCore Technology for better power and cooling
-Four-wheel drive, variable-speed drive, bigger tires, and other options for better traction
-ActiveCommand™ Steering and advanced Guidance Steering System for superior control
-Integrated auto-guidance technologies and other options to improve accuracy and efficiency
-AutoTrac Ready™ system for integration of the AutoTrac™ Guidance System

Conclusion: The John Deere S600 and S700 models are both great options for heavy-duty combines. Both models come with high-performance engines for fuel efficiency and Advanced Command™ Steering for improved control and maneuverability. The S700 offers improved features in traction, control, and accuracy with the advanced Guidance Steering System, four-wheel drive, and larger tires. The S600 also features a premium cab with CommandView II multi-function display for better visibility and a AutoTrac Ready™ integration for optional AutoTrac™ Guidance System. Both of the models offer top-notch features and performance, but the S700 has superior features for more control, maneuverability, and accuracy.

John Deere S600 Vs S700 Maintenance

John Deere S600: This model has modular oils and filters, to make service time shorter and reduce downtime. It also has a suspension system that makes maintenance easier and more efficient. As far as upkeep, it recommends a routine inspection every 500 hours and should be used for regular cleaning and greasing. John Deere S700: This model has an extended-life filter system that requires less frequent service than traditional oil filters, and requires smaller and simpler oil changes. Additionally, it has multiple access points and grease channels that help make maintenance and service easier and faster. It also has advanced design for reduced vibration and noise levels, making it easier to identify potential wear or maintenance issues. In conclusion, both the John Deere S600 and S700 provide features that make maintenance simpler and more efficient. The S600 has a modular system that shortens service time and a suspension system that makes maintenance easier. The S700 has an extended life filter system that requires less frequent service and has multiple access points and grease channels to make maintenance and service quicker.

John Deere S600 Vs S700 Performance

John Deere S600 Features:
• Unique, adjustable exhaust
• Easy-to-read dash-mounted display
• Torsion axles suspension system
• Four-wheel steer option
• Blades cut between 12-16 inches
• Hydrostatic transmission
• Eco cruise control
• Ergonomic seating

John Deere S700 Features:
• Dual wheels
• Easy-to-read color display
• Innovative ant-scalp deck system
• Four-wheel steering option
• Precise cuts between 12-16 inches
• Hydrostatic transmission
• Improved suspension
• Ergonomic seating

Conclusion: The John Deere S600 and S700 are both high-performing models, with the S700 featuring a few additional features and improvements over the S600. The S700 comes with dual wheels, a color display, innovative ant-scalp deck system, and improved suspension features. Both models come with four-wheel steering options, hydrostatic transmissions, and ergonomic seating. The S700 also offers a precise cut between 12-16 inches, making it a better choice for more experienced operators.

What are They Best For

John Deere S600: The John Deere S600 is a powerful multi-season tractor that is equipped with a reliable four-cylinder engine and a range of features that make it a great choice for residential and commercial use. It is ideal for use in landscaping applications, agricultural operations, and mowing. Its maneuverability, versatility, and power make it a favorite tractor for those who need a dependable, reliable machine.

John Deere S700: The John Deere S700 is much larger and more powerful than the S600. It is ideal for commercial and industrial operations, including loading and transport operations. Its larger size and stronger engine make it the perfect choice for power applications, such as powering implements and attachments, such as a loader or haybine. With its higher-powered features, the S700 is a machine that is designed to handle a broader range of heavy operational tasks.


The John Deere S600 and S700 combine harvesters have distinct differences in power, capacity, and automation. The S600 offers less power and a smaller capacity, while the S700 offers more power, more capabilities, and more automation. For more heavy duty tasks, the S700 is the superior option. Meanwhile, the S600 would be the ideal choice for a smaller scale operation. Both are good options, but the S700 is the more powerful and most recommended choice.