John Deere Z345M Vs Z345R

John Deere Z345M and Z345R are two yard tractors from the same series produced by John Deere, an American manufacturer of agricultural equipment. John Deere Z345M and Z345R both offer robust construction, powerful engines, and superior performance, but each has its own unique features and capabilities.

The John Deere Z345M is a general purpose yard tractor, with a formidable 20-horsepower engine that delivers superior power, that is able to tackle tough tasks with ease. It also has a 12-position cutting height adjustment, allowing you to accurately adjust the cutting height to suit your needs. The residential-style padded seat provides comfort while maneuvering through yards quickly and efficiently. The tight 16-inch turning radius makes corners and hard-to-reach spots easy to maneuver around.

The John Deere Z345R is a durable and reliable garden tractor, with a powerful 22-horsepower engine and strengthened frame for higher engine output and improved performance to tackle any job. It is equipped with a 12-inch cutting system, enabling you to accurately and quickly clip and trim your yard. This model also comes with a comfortable residential-style padded seat that provides extra comfort for long tasks. The tight 12-inch turning radius provides excellent maneuverability for easy navigation around tight objects, tight corners, and small close spots.

John Deere Z345M Vs Z345R Specs

John Deere Z345M:
-Power Source: 20 HP V-Twin engine
-Cutting Width: 48 inches
-Cutting Height: 1-4 inches
-Speed: 7 mph
-Deck Construction: 20 Gauge, 10 Gauge Reinforcement
-Wheelbase: 42 inches
-Power Steering: Manual

John Deere Z345R:
-Power Source: 22 HP V-Twin engine
-Cutting Width: 54 inches
-Cutting Height: 1-4 inches
-Speed: 6 mph
-Deck Construction: 10 Gauge with 10 Gauge Reinforcement
-Wheelbase: 47 inches
-Power Steering: Manual

Conclusion: The major difference between the John Deere Z345M and Z345R is the engine size, with the Z345M having a 20HP engine and the Z345R having a 22HP engine. Additionally, the Z345R has a wider cutting deck of 54 inches instead of 48 inch, a longer wheelbase of 47 inches instead of 42 inches, and slower speed of 6MPH instead of 7MPH. Both models offer manual power steering and 1-4 inches of cutting height.

John Deere Z345M Vs Z345R Features

John Deere Z345M:
– 22-hp V-Twin Cyclonic engine
– 42-inch edge mower deck
– 48-inch mulch-enabled side-discharge mower deck
– LEDs included in the headlights
– Extra-large mower wheels

John Deere Z345R:
– 23-hp V-Twin Hydrostatic engine
– 42-inch edge mower deck
– 48-inch mulch-enabled side-discharge mower deck
– Bright halogen headlights
– High-back seat with armrests

The John Deere Z345M and Z345R are similar in that they share the same 42-inch edge mower deck and 48-inch mulch-enabled side-discharge mower deck. The main difference between the two models lies in the engine. The Z345M comes with a 22-hp V-Twin Cyclonic engine, while the Z345R comes with a 23-hp V-Twin Hydrostatic engine. Additionally, the Z345M comes with LEDs integrated into the headlights, and the Z345R comes with halogen headlights and a high-back seat with armrests. Both mowers also have extra-large mower wheels. In conclusion, both mowers are similar but the Z345R offers more features and power.

John Deere Z345M Vs Z345R Maintenance

John Deere Z345M: The Z345M requires monthly preventive maintenance consisting of oil and filter changes, visual inspections, and cleaning of components. This includes replacing the air filter, checking the air pressure, cleaning or replacing the spark plugs, and lubricating the drive belts and other moving parts. The fuel filter and battery connections should also be checked, along with tightness of nuts and bolts. Other tasks include draining and cleaning the fuel tank, checking the tire inflation, and greasing the mower. John Deere Z345R: The Z345R requires more frequent preventive maintenance than the Z345M. This includes oil and filter changes, visual inspections, and cleaning of components every 25 hours of use. In addition to the maintenance previously mentioned for the Z345M, other tasks with the Z345R involve checking the blade level, lubricating the idler pulley and spindles, and replacing the anti-scalp wheels. Conclusion: The John Deere Z345M and Z345R both require regular preventive maintenance in order to perform reliably over time. The Z345M requires monthly maintenance, while the Z345R requires more frequent maintenance every 25 hours. The tasks involve oil and filter changes, visual inspections, cleaning of components, checking tire inflation, greasing, replacing spark plugs, and replacing anti-scalp wheels. Both mowers require regular maintenance in order to function reliably and efficiently.

John Deere Z345M Vs Z345R Performance

John Deere Z345M
– 42-inch wide cutting deck
– 19-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine
– Hydro-Gear ZT-2100 Hydrostatic Transmission
– 16-inch Turning Radius
– Electric PTO Clutch

John Deere Z345R
– 42-inch wide cutting deck
– 23-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine
– Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 Hydrostatic Transmission
– 16-inch Turning radius
– Electric PTO Clutch

The John Deere Z345M and Z345R lawn mowers have many similarities in features. The size of their cutting decks and turning radius are identical, and they both feature an electric clutch power take-off system. The main differences are the engine power and hydrostatic transmission. The Z345M has a 19-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine and a Hydro-Gear ZT-2100 Hydrostatic Transmission, while the Z345R has a 23-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine and a Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 Hydrostatic Transmission. Overall, both of these lawn mowers have impressive features and provide great cutting performance. But the Z345R is more powerful and offers better performance and efficiency due to the additional horsepower and enhanced transmission. Therefore, the John Deere Z345R would be the preferred choice for those looking for increased power and enhanced performance.

What are They Best For

The John Deere Z345M is best used as a residential mowing lawn tractor, designed for mowing small to medium-sized lawns in residential settings. It comes equipped with a 22 horsepower V-Twin dual-cylinder engine, hydrostatic drive transmission, a 46-inch mowing deck, and a comfortable operation area.

The John Deere Z345R is best used as a commercial mowing lawn tractor, designed for mowing large acreage lawns in a commercial setting. It features a 23 horsepower V-Twin dual-cylinder engine, a heavy-duty 42 or 54-inch mowing deck, and hydrostatic drive transmission. It also has a roll over protection system and a larger fuel tank for extended run time.


Overall, the John Deere Z345M and Z345R have many similarities. Both mowers offer an easy-to-use, reliable machine that is ideal for residential lawns and gardens. They both feature comfortable handling and ergonomic design, as well as large-engine power and a robust cutting deck for trimming and mowing. They also both feature a mulching kit and a bagging system for efficient and convenient lawn care. However, the Z345R offers more cutting width and a wider turning radius than the Z345M, which makes it more suitable for larger yards or areas with more obstacles. Additionally, the Z345R comes with more commercial-grade features and a dual cutting system that ensures a more precise and professional cut. In conclusion, the John Deere Z345R is the superior mower compared to the Z345M, due to its additional features and improved performance.