Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor Questions

How Many Gallons of Hydraulic Fluid for a 135 Massey Ferguson?

A Massey Ferguson 135 tractor will require at least 8 gallons OR 30.3L of hydraulic fluid. Massey Ferguson recommends SAE 10W- 30. mineral oil for the hydraulic system, rear axle, and transmission. This type of oil is available in most tractor supplies stores. This is available in two-gallon jugs and you need FOUR jugs to fill a 135 Massey Ferguson.

Don’t settle for other types of oils since other poor quality oils are thinner and will eventually leak as the seals are not made to handle lighter-weight transmission fluids. To use this type of mineral oil, you must remove the old oil from the drain plugs.

The plugs are found under the hydraulic pump, differential housing, and transmission. Usually, debris and water collect in some areas, and removing or draining the oil from all three plugs will make sure that all the debris and water are removed as well.

A part of regular tractor maintenance is transmission oil level checks. If you find that you have low transmission oil, add new oil right away. According to the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor maintenance guide, oil level checks must be done daily or every 10 hours if you use your tractor more frequently.

How Much Can a Massey Ferguson 135 Lift?

Well, any tractor owner would want to know that so they can see whether the equipment is efficient and useful enough for a daily task. It is just fortunate that this tractor is strong enough to lift a heavy load.

Massey Ferguson 135 has optional diesel or gasoline engines that generate 45.5 HP. With its bulky composition, this model can lift a maximum of 3810 pounds. The model uses 3-point hitch components. Also, there is a subjective adjustment that can considerably boost the lifting capacity of the tractor. The adjustment is performed right on the “draft bump-stop screw”.

The 3-point pitch system of the Massey Ferguson 135 generates a PTO output. This gives users the advantage as they can hook up a large array of attachments to the tractor. This means that tractor owners can maximize the usage of their equipment. The Massey Ferguson 135 brings genuine efficiency and incredible output to whatever size of farm. A tediously loaded trailer can be hooked effortlessly. Behind the solid dimensions of the tractor and its incredible styling, the popular Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is strong and amazingly powerful!

How Much Horsepower Does a Massey Ferguson 135 Have?

There are several reasons why a Massey Ferguson 135 is appreciated by many farmers. Aside from its built and design, its performance is never a question. The Massey Ferguson 135 has optional diesel or gasoline engines that generate 45.5 horsepower as its maximum power output.

This tractor also weighs 3810 pounds. The MF135 exhibits a category 1 three-point hitch that has a proven PTO of 37.82 horsepower.

The hulking 45.5 horsepower engine has a lot of potential for daily farming works. It is sufficient pulling power for a heavy range of tasks. You can say that this tractor is reliable even by simply knowing its power output. It can never let you down. Massey Ferguson 135 is an industrial tractor that is equipped with parts that are responsible for its plausible image.

With its impressive horsepower, MF135 can be recommended even if the job requires a lot of heavy pulling. You can be certain that the tractor is powerful enough to carry the load. You can also have the assurance that the tractor is equipped with superior parts that do not easily deteriorate even if the job would seem to be very exhausting.

How to Tell Massey Ferguson 135 Gas Engine

The Massey Ferguson 135 gas engine was manufactured between the years 1964 and 1975, being a successor of the earlier Massey Ferguson 35 tractor. It rose to its own fame and was acknowledged as a popular tractor model under the 100 series. In order to tell whether the tractor that you own is a Massey Ferguson 135 gas engine, you can check the serial number on the instrument panel which is just located right beneath the steering column. On some tractor models, the serial number may also be found at the right part of the engine, just below the battery tray.

One thing that you need to know is that the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor comes in both gas and diesel engine options. Here are some things that you can check:

  1. Look at the label, which is usually located on the fuel door, or at the neck of the fuel filler.
  2. A label will either say ‘Diesel’ only, or ‘Gasoline’ only, or wordings that are similar.
  3. When getting a second-hand tractor, there is a possibility of the label peeling off. You may then contact the support line of the manufacturer and you will be provided information regarding your tractor requirements.

Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Number How to Read?

The Massey Ferguson 135 serial number lists roundly always indicate the first built tractor in every year. The other units for that particular year shall have sequential higher numbers. The serial number should be seated between two of the mentioned numbers.

Similar to other automobiles, tractors are built on a production year or model. The latest production normally begins around September, thus, a tractor that was built in October 1955 may have been considered as a 1956 model. The serial numbers on Massey Ferguson 135 nearly always exhibit the production year and not the actual period the unit was built. Generally, this information is more helpful since significant alterations could have been done to a certain model at the beginning of the year of the production and not on the 1st of January.

When reading the serial number of your Massey Ferguson 135, make sure that you will not confuse a 1 for a 7, or vice versa. Also, see to it that read the whole number. Your tractor’s serial number could tell you significant information about its built. Other than knowing where to find it, you should also learn how to read it.

Massey Ferguson 135 What Size Starter Mounting Bolts

The Massey Ferguson 135 requires a specific size for a starter mounting bolt. For this particular tractor model, the required starter mounting bolt is a 12-volt start that comes with a drive. The overall length reaches 12.5 inches and a diameter of 4 inches. It also comes with 2 bolt center-to-center and comes with a size of 4.25 inches. It is designed to fit with a 3-cylinder Perkins engine.

The starter mounting bolt is a very important component of a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor model, especially with the starter motor. If it is not engaging properly, there might be a need to replace it right away. The starter motor refers to a pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic device that is used in rotating the internal combustion engine of the tractor. In bigger engines, the motor also serves as the internal combustion engine.

The starter motor is started with the ignition key, with the motor draws electric current using the battery. With this, the starter mounting bolt is important to complete the process of ignition. The ignition will be quickly turned on and off. A faulty starter mounting bolt will not function properly, and thus should be replaced right away.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 135 How Much Is It Worth?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor was originally worth $4,385. It is a utility tractor manufactured from 1964 to 1975 but despite its age, it is still one of the most reliable and one of the most trusted tractors in most farms and homesteads.

Nothing can match the value of the MF 135 especially when it comes to its powerful 45.5 horsepower engine and 33 horsepower drawbar. It is a versatile tractor that’s available in Deluxe premium, Special economy, and Industrial type tractor models.

It’s a tractor that will help you work more efficiently and more diligently. It possesses a 4×2 chassis with a 2-wheel drive design. You can choose from power or manual steering or 6, 8, and 12-speed partial power shifts.
Meanwhile, used Massey Ferguson 135 tractors are also available for sale or auction online. A used gas-powered 1967 Massey Ferguson 135 is priced at $4,000 while a used Continental gas-powered Massey Fergusson 135 is priced at $4,900.

If you plan to sell your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, make sure that you provide regular maintenance. Always remember that a well-maintained tractor will give you more years of use and will be more valuable in the future.

What Battery Do I Need for a 135 Massey Ferguson

The battery required for a 135 Massey Ferguson tractor is a 95 AH 12-volt battery. Because batteries are not really rated specifically that way, you would need 228 reserve minutes, with a 25 amps load. You may also measure the battery box, and get the highest rated battery that will fit inside the box. Note that as a general rule of thumb the more overrated your battery for the tractor will be, the longer it is expected to last. Most likely, you can get a battery under the #4 line, which is not a usual battery for a car or a truck.

Regardless of the brand, a good battery for a 135 Massey Ferguson is designed with the highest specifications, making them highly dependable and durable, with the capacity to withstand even the most grueling workload that is usually expected out of modern-day tractors such as the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor model.

It is still recommended to check the specific year model of your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor because the original batteries were relatively small in amperage than in modern standards. For example, a 1964 135 Massey Ferguson tractor can run well with a 650 CCA car battery, with a 12V, negative ground.

What Does a 1968 135 Massey Ferguson Diesel Weigh?

1968 135 Massey Ferguson diesel tractor comes with a 45hp 2.5 Liter Perkins AD3, 152 three-cylinder diesel engine. It features a weight of 3,565 to 3,810 pounds, or 1,617 to 1,728 kg. This tractor model was manufactured under the Massey Ferguson brand. It was the very first under this name to be a feature in the 100-range series.

Even down to this day, the 1968 Massey Ferguson tractor is still being inquired as to a second-hand tractor because of its features, especially in developing countries. One of the reasons for its popularity is its simple and basic mechanical construction, along with a high familiarity and dependability among farmers.

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor was a 2WD model, with a gearbox that features 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, along with a mechanical clutch. Versions that came later features an 8-speed transmission. It also comes with a multi-power choice that offers 12-forward and 4-reverse gears, along with a hydraulic clutch.

This tractor is among the best values within the 30 to 40 horsepower range. It is also amazingly dependable, which is expected with a diesel Perkins engine, which is also optional of a gasoline engine.

What is a Massey Ferguson 135 Orchard Tractor?

A Massey Ferguson 135 Orchard Tractor is an all-around utility tractor, a part of MF’s 100 series. It was released from 1964 to 1975 with an original price of $4,385. There are three variants of this popular Massey Ferguson tractor: the 135 Deluxe which is the premium model, the 135 Special which is the economy model, and the 2135 industrial-type tractor.
The Massey Ferguson 135 has a 45.5 horsepower engine with a 33 horsepower drawbar. It is available in a 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, a 2.4L 4-cylinder Continental gasoline engine, and a 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins gasoline engine.

This tractor has 4×2 2-wheel drive chassis, manual and optional power steering, and safe mechanical drum brakes. The operator cab has an open-style station and is not as high as other tractor cabs.

The Massey Ferguson 135 has two large rear tires at 12.4/11–28 size and smaller front tires at 5.50–16 dimensions. The 135 has a single rear type hitch with a rear lift capacity of 2,850 pounds. This tractor is called an orchard tractor as it is commonly found in farmlands and orchards. Operators can gently move between fruit-bearing plants and trees and complete all kinds of farm tasks and activities.

What Kind of Hydraulic Fluid Do I Need for a 1967 Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor?

A Massey Ferguson 135 tractor needs a specific type of hydraulic fluid called the Permatran 821XL SAE 10W–30 type. This type of oil is the best type of oil as it helps maintain your transmission system and ensures that your engine works at optimum efficiency.

This tractor has a transmission capacity of 8 gallons or 30.3 liters. Massey Ferguson recommends that you check the transmission oil levels before and after you fill the chamber up. After the procedure, you should also make sure that you write down the date and create a schedule of your transmission oil changes.

Massey Ferguson recommends transmission oil level checks. New oil should be added when the level is very low. Oil checks should be performed daily or every 10 hours if you use your tractor more often. A part of yearly maintenance of this type of tractor is installing a new hydraulic filter. After installing this new component, you should fill the chamber with the fresh transmission or hydraulic oil.

If you’re not sure how to change your tractor’s hydraulic filter, have it serviced by a professional or a specialist. Always use genuine transmission oil on your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor.

What Kind of Power Steering Fluid Goes in a Massey Ferguson 135?

According to the operator’s manual of the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor model, the power steering fluid designed for this model is automatic transmission fluid, Type A, or non-foaming hydraulic fluid. The automatic transmission Fluid, Type A, power steering fluid is typically red in color. While there are generic hydraulic fluids currently available, it is very important to avoid mixing together incompatible liquids in the fluid reservoir.

If you end up using the wrong power steering fluid, you can stay on the safe side by flushing it out. If the power steering fluid is wrong, it could get inside the entire system when starting the engine and may damage the power steering tack. You can take advantage of power steering flush products or even purchase extra fluid in order to flush everything out.
The process of flushing the power steering system completely requires knowledge of the aprocedure and could be messy. For this reason, it is recommended to have somebody give you the assistance that you need, or seek the help of a professional. The low-pressure return hose should be disconnected, directed into a drain pan. After, the engine should be started, with the steering wheel turned in both directions. This process will pump the old fluid right into the drain pan.

What Makes a 135 Massey Ferguson Hard to Prime?

There are times that we encounter some concerns on out Massey Ferguson 135 and we want to figure out why such a thing happens. One thing that you may have encountered is the difficulty of prime on your tractor. There could be several reasons why your 135 Massey Ferguson is making a difficult prime. Below are the common contributors when it comes to priming issues on a tractor:

● Defective fuel lines
● Clogged filters
● Deteriorated steel lines in the tank
● Defective hand primer pump
● Defective valves in a feeder pump

When you experience difficulty in priming your Massey Ferguson 135, consider mounting a 1-way valve in the electric fuel pump. You should confirm whether you have a slight leak in your tractor’s fuel system.

Furthermore, you can try pressurizing the fuel tank with certain extremely low PSI compressed air and check for leaks. You may consider sprinkling a baby powder on the connections and lines. Any leaking or weeping will occur in the powder.

Although traditional tune-ups are not required on a diesel-type engine, it is still advisable to do regular maintenance on the fuel filters. Regular supervision of the tractor is crucial for the beneficial performance of the injection system.

What Rims Will Fit Massey Ferguson 135?

Typically, the 14.9 x 24 rims can do fine since they are suited as standard on a Massey Ferguson 135. You can think your rims to be similar to a deep well and deep well rims are not really easy to find. The standard rim of MF135 is 28-inch with an available wider option that is 24-inch although nearly all Massey Ferguson 135 has 28-inch rims.

You may consider using rims other than the standard rims of M135 but make sure that they could fit your tractor. Otherwise, you will be prejudicing the performance. The following are the lists of rims that could fit on Massey Ferguson 135:

● 10-inch by 28-inch 4 Rail Rear Rim10-inch by x 28-inch 6 Loop, Rear Rim
● 11-inch by 28-inch 4 Rail Rear Rim11-inch by 28-inch 6 Loop, Rear Rim
● 4.5-inch by 16-inch Front Wheel Rim
● Wheel Rim Front, 450-inch by 16-inch
● Rear, 9-inch by 28-inch
● Wheel Rim, Rim Size: 10-inch by 32-inch

Any of the above rims can be used as a substitute to the original rims of Massey Ferguson 135. For rims that are not listed above, make sure that they could fit the MF135 before you purchase it.

What Size Diesel Engine Does a 135 Massey Ferguson Have

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor model is considered a successful model with low maintenance. It is also regarded as among the most popular tractor models under this brand and is favored by classic and vintage enthusiasts. This industrial tractor is also fitted with using the Perkins 2.5 Liter 3-cylinder diesel engine.

Other features also include a gross power of 45.5 horsepower or 33.9 kW. At the same time, the weight of the Massey Ferguson 135 is 3,565 to 3,810 pounds or 1,617 to 1,728 kg. When it comes to the hydraulic system, the Massey Ferguson 135 uses the advanced hydraulic system, along with a 3-point hitch, which combines together hydraulic mechanisms and mechanical linkage for controlling the implementing operation. This tractor also features a multi-power transmission which offers 12 forward and 4 reverse speeds. This range of speed offers better efficiency across a variety of operations. It even offers a shift-on-the-go feature.

At the same time, this model comes with a fuel tank capacity of 10.2 U.S. to 8.3 Imp. Gallons. This capacity is huge enough for longer farming work, which is why there is no need to refuel frequently though it is important to check the level of fuel, filling if needed.

What Size Front Tires Will Fit my Massey Ferguson 135?

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your Massey Ferguson 135, you have to use the right size for the front tires. Essentially, they should fit your tractor, Otherwise, you will only waste your money,

You can actually use various tire sizes ranging from 10 by 28 to 14.9 by 28 for your Massey Ferguson 135. The distinctions are primarily in the amount of speed for fertilizing and spraying. Thus, you should consider your purpose of using the tractor when deciding on the size of your front tires.

Tires with bigger sizes can accommodate more ground at similar rpm. Tires in 14.9 by 28 size allocate the rear end a bit inches higher, offering a nose-down appearance and a slightly minimal ground pressure for use on soft ground.

You may also consider running a 6.50 by 16 tire on the front tires. They are 6-ply however they can manage around 100 pounds or more for each tire. Commonly, it is the steer belts that become an issue in radial tires once they get fractures. The steel belts also get corroded if often wet,

What Size Fuse Needed for Massey Ferguson 135?

So, what is the size of the fuse in Massey Ferguson 135? You should understand that the circuit’s load has nothing to do with the size of your tractor’s fuse. Rather, the size of the fuse is established about the smallest wire in the circuit.

For your Massey Ferguson 135, the size of its fuse is at least 125 percent of the load but should not go beyond the wire’s ampacity rating. But why should you stick with the right fuse size? For instance, if your equipment carries 20 Amps and uses a 25-amp fuse and #14 wire (the rating of #14 wire is 15amps) and as you operate your equipment, it is expected that the wire is heated and eventually scorch through insulation, and could even lead to a fire.

Likely, with similar loads of 20 amps, the same 25-amps fuse but uses #10 wire (the rating of #10 wire is 30amps, you might notice that everything is working fine until such time that there would be an internal shortage in the load. With your Massey Ferguson 135, this will be the 400–600 amps and could right away blast the fuse and result in fire.

What Type Fittings Are Used on Massey Ferguson 135 Steel Power Steering Lines

The Massey Ferguson 135 model is a tractor that was produced under a company bearing the same name, Massey Ferguson. It became the first model to be introduced under the MF100 lineup and became the successor of the MF35 model.

When it comes to dealing with the power steering lines of the Massey Ferguson 135 model, it is very important to use the right type of fittings that will do the job. The Massey Ferguson comes with fittings of a 45hp 2.5-liter Perkins AD3.152 3-cylinder diesel engine.

There are also alternatives, including the Perkins AG3.152 petrol fitting variant. This tractor comes with a 2-wheel drive, while the gearbox is equipped with six forward and two reverse gears. The later versions of this vehicle also came equipped with an eight-speed transmission, and a multi-power option that gives a total of 12 forward, and 4 reverse gears, along with a hydraulic clutch.

With most applications for the Massey Ferguson 135 steel power steering lines, a new pressure hose is required to be prepared for a 5/8–18-inch inverted flare type fitting. Check out the manufacturer’s information for more specific details on fittings requirements.

What Year Was My Massey Ferguson 135 Made?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is one of the most popular utility tractors. It was released by the manufacturer in 1964 and was built until 1975. If you have a Massey Ferguson 135 and you would like to know when it was made, you must locate the serial number to find out.
The serial number of a Massey Ferguson 135 is located on the tractor’s instrument panel just below the steering column. Another place where you can find the serial number is on the right side of the tractor engine, just below the battery.

Here are serial numbers and the corresponding year when the tractor was assembled:
• 1964 – 641000001
• 1965 – 641001909
• 1966 – 641014871
• 1967 – 9A10001
• 1968 – 9A39836
• 1969 – 9A63158
• 1970 – 9A87325
• 1971 – 9A107519
• 1972 – 9A128141
• 1973 – 9A152025
• 1974 – 9A182761
• 1975 – 9A207681

The Massey Ferguson 135 was manufactured in MF’s top assembly facility in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. In 1975, the price of the 135 was $4,385. Now, a good quality, well-maintained Massey Ferguson 135 is sold for $5,000 or higher.

This utility tractor is available in three engine types. The 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, the 2.4L 4-cylinder Continental gasoline engine, and the 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins gasoline engine.

What Years Did Massey Ferguson Manufacture the Model 135 Tractor?

The Massey Ferguson model 135 tractor was manufactured from 1964 to 1975. It is a utility tractor that was part of Massey Ferguson’s 100 series tractors. The 135 tractor is a powerful, efficient, and versatile tractor manufactured and assembled in Massey Ferguson’s plant in Detroit, Michigan. When it was released in 1975, it was around $4,385.

The Massey Ferguson 135 had three models: one is the premium 135 Deluxe, the economy 135 Special, and the industrial tractor model 2135. These three variants come with a powerful 45.5 horsepower engine and a 33 horsepower drawbar. The efficient and reliable Massey Ferguson 135 engines come in 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins diesel, 2.4L 4-cylinder Continental gasoline engines, and the 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins gasoline engine.

You can choose from 6, 8, and 12-speed partial lower shift transmission models and manual and power steering. This is a tractor with a single rear-type hitch that’s capable of lifting to 2,850 pounds. Meanwhile, the front-end loading system of this tractor allows you to add a variety of attachments like a 225 loader with bucket dimensions of 40 x 130 inches.
The Massey Ferguson 130 tractor may have been manufactured more than 40 years ago but it remains one of the most popular and dependable tractors.

When Did Massey Ferguson Start Making the 135

The production of the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor started in 1964 and continued production until 1975. Afterward, it was succeeded by the production of the Massey Ferguson 235. This tractor became the very first creation under the MF100 range. Several hundred thousand units were produced and became counted as among the most popular tractors at that time.

Even in the 21st century, the Massey Ferguson 135 is still being sought after, now in the second-hand market, because of its demand, especially in developing countries. Down to this day, it is still a preferred model because of its simple mechanical construction, as well as high dependability at work. It is also praised because of farmers’ familiarity.
The Massey Ferguson 135 model is fitted commonly with a 45hp 2.5L Perkins AD3.152 3-cyl diesel engine. There are also alternatives, including the Perkins AG3.152 petrol variety, as well as a 37hp 4-cyl continental petrol tractor engine that is commonly used in the US. The tractor came in the form of a 2 wheel drive, with the gearbox having 6 forward, with 2 reverse gears, and a mechanical clutch. Those that were produced after 1970 were equipped with 8-speed transmission.

Will an International 2000 Loader Fit a Massey Ferguson 135?

Many people are curious to find out whether they could utilize an international 2000 loader for their Massey Ferguson 135. Well, the answer is yet since these loaders can be designed to fit the said tractor. However, it would be good to note that some modifications might be done.

The international 2000 loader can fit a Massey Ferguson 135 based on the latter’s stature and size. These loaders are very popular; however, you may need to create your brackets. As a general rule, the international 2000 loader is devised with a single bracket kit and this is the one allocated for the tractor which the owner planned to mount it on. Hence, you may need to customize a bracket to make this loader suitable for the Massey Ferguson 135.

Before opting to fit the international 2000 loader to your MF135, run a certain 1/2-ft by 6-ft flat iron from the holes of the bolt in the front tip part back to the holes of the bolt in the clutch housing. By doing so, you can make sure that the MF135 is tied together. Else way, you might damage the cover of the timing gear.