Massey Ferguson 135 PTO Questions

135 Massey Ferguson PTO Quits When Warm

There are a number of possible reasons why a 135 Massey Ferguson PTO quits when warm. One possible reason is jamming the PTO. In order to resolve this issue, it may be best to open the transmission, looking inside for any potential jam on the PTO.

Another potential reason is a restriction within the fuel system. It could be that the engine is not receiving enough gas to keep up with the amount that is needed in the engine. As you shut the engine off, the carburetor bowl is filled up. Among the most common areas for restrictions happen in the tank shutoff valve. This problem is very common among fuel systems that are gravity-fed.

The coil at times shortens out within the inner part as the coil becomes hot. This causes the engine to halt. When it cools again, the engine wills tart again until the coil becomes hot again. While this issue is a little rare, there are those who also encounter this. When the fuel system is cleaned out, the engine may run well. A technician may also check into the problem to see a different underlying reason for the issue.

Does Massey Ferguson 135 Have Live PTO?

Based on what the data says, Massey Ferguson 135’s may or may not have live PTO, although the majority of them have live PTO. But if you are curious about the features of your MF135, there are several ways that you can try to verify it. How do you determine where your MF135 has live PTO? These are some of the common approaches that you can use:

● If you want to confirm if your Massey Ferguson 135 has live PTO or not, what you simply need to do is start the tractor and position it in gear and depress the clutch until such time that the tractor stops from moving. You will know if your MF135 has live PTO if the PTO will continue turning.

● You will also know if there is a live PTO on your Massey Ferguson 135 if you can find a lever on the left portion beneath the seat.

● Furthermore, a Massey Ferguson 135 with live PTO exhibits a 2-stage clutch. You depress it halfway and the tractor will stop from moving. However, the PTO remains going. Moreover, if you depress the clutch thoroughly down, the PTO will also stop running.

How to Engage PTO on Massey Ferguson 135?

If you are having difficulty engaging PTO on Massey Ferguson 135, here are the tips that you can try:

● While turning off the engine, the brakes secured, and the clutch pedal completely set back while positioning the PTO lever in neutral, assign somebody who will take charge in gradually turning the PTO shaft located at the back portion of the tractor, see if you can successfully engage the PTO.

● If the clutch pedal is set down, and you got the PTO engaged, the person who was assigned in turning the PTO shaft must still be able to do it.

● You will see that the dent will lock the lever in position so it remains engaged.

● Another reason is the difficulty of engaging PTO on MF135 is the extreme movement of the throw-out bearing which makes the clutch release arms to hit the rivets. Verify this by simply not thrusting the clutch pedal thoroughly to the floorboard, then try engaging the PTO on Massey Ferguson 135.

● If you do not notice it grinding, apply additional free play to your clutch pedal to prevent the release fingers from hitting the rivets in the clutch disk.

How to Fix PTO Roll Pin Massey Ferguson 135?

When you notice your Massey Ferguson 135 to be clumsy and gearless, you might figure out that it has something to do with the PTO roll pin. After learning that there is a problem with the PTO roll pin, you should know how to proceed with the fixing.

● First, you need to prepare your materials such as your sockets, hammer, ratchet, car jack, lug nut wrench, roll pin pusher, and a new roll pin.
● Unplug the battery through a jack-up car and 10mm socket and detach the wheel.
● Detach the nuts that keep the fuse box. You will need a ½-inch socket to do this.
● Use a 7mm socket to dismantle the fuse box.
● Pull the top portion of the fuse box up to display the bottom portion all lying there.
● Put the entire connection on the side.
● Use a roll pin pusher to mount the new roll pin. Use a hammer to tap it.

The entire process is easy and fast, so there is no need to be anxious about it. Just learn to broaden your mind with new information on how to maintain the parts of your Massey Ferguson 135.

How to Remove a PTO Shaft From a Massey Ferguson 135

Some owners of the Massey Ferguson tractor model who have also experienced having their PTO shaft stuck tried removing the entire shaft assembly and removing the snap ring that is located right in front of the housing. In order to do that, you can use a punch in the hole of the PTO shaft, prying on the punch in order to remove the assembly after the rear oil is drained.

One of the challenges that you will encounter, however, is pulling the PTO shaft right from the tractor. Even though it is only gripped by an O ring, it may need assistance. You may either fit the end of the implement to the tractor PTO shaft or use a 5/16 bolt and cross-drill at the end of the shaft. Then, with a pry-bar, you place the pivot point near to the PTO shaft using suitable packing in order to lever the shaft to the rear.

Most leaks on the PTO shaft are caused by hay and grass getting caught into the seal, thus preventing full seating. Seal replacement is a solution to this, with the seal removed with a piece of tube, or a large socket.