Massey Ferguson Oil Questions

How Much Oil Does a Massey Ferguson 135 Take?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is one of the most popular, high-performing utility tractors from Massey Ferguson. To keep this vintage tractor working like new, you need to maintain its engine using the right kind and amount of oil.

The Massey Ferguson 135 with a Perkins AD3.152 engine has an oil capacity of 6.5 quarts or 6.2 liters. Massey Ferguson recommends different types of engine oil depending on your climate. If you are located in an area with –40 to –4 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor temperature, you need the SAE 5W while temperatures from –40 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit require the SAE 10W.

If you’re working in an area with 32 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, use SAE 20 oils. Finally, for those who live and work in an area with 86 to 122 degrees temperatures, oil with SAE 30 is needed.
An MF135 with a Continental Z–145 gasoline engine has a 6 –6-quart or 5.7 liters capacity. Use only SAE 10W oils for temperatures from –40 to –4 degrees Fahrenheit and SAE 20W for –40 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. For environmental temperatures from 32 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, you must should only SAE 30 oils.

How to Remove Oil Pan on a Massey Ferguson 135?

The oil pan on a Massey Ferguson 135 needs to be replaced to ensure proper engine function. You also need to remove the oil pan to replace a malfunctioning piston. To remove the pan from a Perkins diesel engine, remove the front part of the oil pan by loosening the bolts. Locate the two other rear bolts located at the back of the sump.

It’s hard to find the rear bolts so use a flashlight to check the deeper part of the oil pan at the back. The bolts are huge, about 5 inches long.
The oil pan is a simple component but is one of the most important parts of a tractor engine. It holds the oil or the lubrication system of your engine. Oil reduces friction to help all the engine components work smoothly.

The oil pan should be intact and in good condition so that oil will not leak out. Therefore, if you’re replacing your engine oil more than usual then you should suspect leaks in your oil pan. Replace a leaking oil pan as soon as possible to prevent constant oil replacement and engine parts wear and tear.

Massey Ferguson 135 Low Oil Pressure Only When Hot

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor requires regular maintenance to make sure that it works well under any season. However, tractor owners have noticed a significant reduction of oil pressure during the warmer months or when the engine is overheating.

You may think that there is a problem with your oil pressure gauge or your oil pump if you notice there is a sudden pressure drop.
There is no problem with your components especially the engine’s lubrication system. Oil becomes thinner when it is exposed to warmer temperatures. Some tractor owners recommend checking the bearings as these wear as the clearance becomes greater.

Massey Ferguson has developed a guide for tractor owners when it comes to choosing the ideal engine oil in different temperatures. Use No. 1-D winter operation diesel fuel oil during the cold climates. Use No. 2-D summer operation diesel fuel oil is recommended during warm summer months.

The Perkins AD3.152 engine needs an SAE 5W in –40 to –4 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor temperature, while temperatures from –40 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit require the SAE 10W. Use SAE 20 for 36 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and SAE 30 for 86 to 122 degrees temperatures.

What Kind of Oil Filter Goes on 1970 Massey Ferguson 135?

The Massey Ferguson 135 is one of the most popular and most hard-working tractors. It has specific parts and accessories just like its engine oil filter component. Massey Ferguson 135 engine oil filter element part number 837595V91is for Perkins diesel engines while part number 835817V91 is for Continental gas engines.

Massey Ferguson requires owners to replace the engine oil filter at least every 200 hours. You should also replace the filter earlier if you use the filter more often.

A part of changing the engine oil filter is cleaning the filter housing.

Doing so will remove any dirt or debris that can enter the oil chamber. When this debris or oil accumulates inside the chamber, it can affect the overall efficiency of your engine.

After replacing the oil filter, clean the housing. Afterward, check the oil level. If you find the oil level is low, add more oil. Use only the recommended type of oil to ensure proper engine function.

If you are unsure as to how to change the oil filter in your Massey Fergusson 135, have an experienced professional do it for you. Take your tractor to a certified care center for the best service.

What Oil to Use in an Old Massey Ferguson 135?

An old Massey Ferguson 135 needs extra care and attention. To preserve the delicate components of an old diesel engine, you need to use the right kind of diesel fuel oil. For an MF 135, diesel fuel oil will depend on the season.

Use No. 1-D winter operation diesel fuel oil during the cold months. This type of oil is the best for Massey Ferguson 135 tractor as it has trace water and sediments, low carbon residue, ash, sulfur, and debris. This winter oil has a 550 degrees Fahrenheit maximum distillation temperature and No. 3 copper strip corrosion.

Use No. 2-D summer operation diesel fuel oil is recommended during warm summer months. This type of oil is great for Massey Ferguson 135 tractor as it has minimal water and sediment percentage, low carbon residue, ash percentage by weight, and the sulfur percentage by weight. This summer oil has 540 to 640 degrees Fahrenheit distillation temperatures and No. 3 copper strip corrosion.

Keep all tractor lubricants in clean, well-sealed containers. Label all the containers correctly. Check oil seals and oil filters and change these regularly. These keep all debris and abrasive products away from your engine.

Where the Oil Pump is on a 135 Massey Ferguson Tractor?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor with the Perkins diesel engine should be regularly maintained for optimum performance. If your MF 135 tractor has the Perkins model A3.152 or the AD3.152 engine then the oil pump is pressed, keyed on the drive shaft.

The other end has a rotor that matches with a second lobed rotor that turns freely inside the pump. As these pumps rotate, pockets are created between the lobes. This action increases the volume inside the pump which draws in oil. The pockets found in between the lobes will reduce in volume from the outlet of the pump which pressurizes and pumps the oil.
The oil pump should be inspected and cleaned regularly. You should keep an eye on the oil pump rotors, check for cracks or signs of scoring. The body must be sound and intact.

Remove all foreign objects, debris, and dirt in and around the pump. When everything is clean, re-install the rotors inside the pump with the chamfered edge placed before the non-chamfered component.
The oil pump in an MF 135 tractor has a simple and very straightforward design. With constant, tedious maintenance, it can preserve the life of your tractor’s engine.