Massey Ferguson 135 Parts Locations

How to Check Power Steering on Massey Ferguson 135

The Massey Ferguson 135, just like other vehicles, may also encounter some problems with the power steering system. As such, a regular preventive maintenance check is necessary. An MF 135 uses an electronic power steering system that utilizes an electric motor design, rather than hydraulic pumps and pistons.

Here are some symptoms that you may notice with the power steering system on your Massey Ferguson 135:
● Stiff Steering Wheel
If you notice that the steering wheel is exceptionally stiff, difficult to turn, most likely, the problem is with the power steering system.

● Loose Steering Wheel
On the other side of the coin, if you notice that the steering wheel has gone loose and difficult to control, it could either indicate a problem with the power steering system, or a problem with a wheel alignment.

● Groaning and Whining Noises
When there is a problem with the power steering system, you will hear a groaning sound. It is typically associated with turning the steering wheel on.

● Squealing Noise at Startup
A squealing noise, especially when the car is turned on, is also an indication of a power steering system problem.

● Slow Responding Steering
If you notice that the steering is slower to respond than usual, this could be a sign of a power steering issue.
It is always recommended to request the assistance of a professional when checking out on these issues further.

Massey Ferguson 135 Where is the Cap for Lift Arms

The lift arms are among the major components of the three-point hitch of the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor model. Together with the other components, they work together inside the hydraulic system of the tractor.

The lift arms are controlled directly by the hydraulic system. They work in offering lowering, lifting, and tilting of the arms. Every arm comes with a device for attachment that is used in connecting implements into the hitch. Every hitch comes with attachment holes that attach implements, while the implement come with posts fitting right into the holes.

These implements are secured with the use of a pin right at the posts’ end. A mechanism for drafting control is usually used in modern versions of the three-point hitch systems. The force amount, and the implement draft that is taken in order to pull implement, are detected at the upper link, with the hydraulic system raising the arms automatically as the draft also moves.

While the lift arms are powered by the hydraulic system of the tractor, the entire hydraulic system is also controlled directly by the operator. The cap for the lift arms is an additional component that will ensure the safety of the operations.

Massey Ferguson 135 Where is the Cap for the Hydraulic

The hydraulic system of a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor utilizes compressed fluid in order to transfer force that is applied from one point to another. There are basic parts that complete the hydraulic system. This includes the reservoir, valves, pump, fluid, cylinder, filter, hose, motor, and cap.

The reservoir for the hydraulic system serves as a storage to non-pressurized hydraulic fluid, which serves as the hydraulic system’s lifeblood. This travels right through a filter that collects other impurities. On the other hand, the pumps work to transfer fluid coming from the reservoir into the hydraulic system. This process of transfer works by raising the fluid’s energy level by increasing the pressure. It is the motor which supplies the power source for the pump.

The cap serves as a cover for the pressure chamber at an end. This cap is attached to the body, and can also perform other mounting components, including cap clevis, cap trunnion, and cap flange. The size of the cap is determined according to the bending stress. When the cap for the hydraulic of the Massey Ferguson is no longer working, a replacement may be necessary, and for safety purposes as well.

Massey Ferguson 135 Where to Add Transmission Fluid

As a tractor that runs on a hydraulic system, adding transmission fluid is a requirement. While the steps may vary specifically on the tractor model, but the process is similar among Massey Ferguson models, including the 135 tractor model.

While sitting on the tractor, you will notice the dipstick located right behind where your right foot is, which is located on the same side where the rear end or tranny housing can be found. It should also be within the similar round bolt-on component where you can find the hydraulic flow control. Just a note, the dipstick is not a screw-in dipstick.

While the location is almost the same as most models, note that during the production of the entire 100 series, updates and changes were done. For this reason, it is recommended to check on the manual, especially looking at the hydraulic filter section. Otherwise, you can depend on a visual check in order to locate the dipstick where you can add the transmission fluid for your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor.

Other owners also suggest asking the previous owner regarding the specific details of the tractor, especially if the tractor was bought as a second-hand option.

Where Do You Find the Year Model on the Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor model is the first under the MF100 range. It is loved because of the features that make it a capable partner in any farm. Finding the year model of your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor means knowing the serial model of your unit. This tractor model was produced from 1964 to 1975.

Here are the corresponding serial numbers to the year they were produced:
● 1964 – 641000001
● 1965 – 641001909
● 1966 – 641014871
● 1967 – 9A10001
● 1968 – 9A39836
● 1969 – 9A63158
● 1970 – 9A87325
● 1971 – 9A107519
● 1972 – 9A128141
● 1973 – 9A152025
● 1974 – 9A182761
● 1975 – 9A207681

The serial number of a certain model is located on the tractor identification plate right on the instrument panel and can be found just beneath the steering wheel. Massey Ferguson 135 tractors were liked because of their performance.

It is a tractor model that offers the best value within the 30 to 40 hp category. It is also amazingly dependable, which is also true among tractors that are equipped with either diesel or gas Perkins engine. Massey Ferguson is also a respected brand in the industry of farm equipment and tools, and no doubt that Massey Ferguson is still living up to its reputation down to this day.

Where Do You Put Hydraulic Fluid In a Massey Ferguson MF 135?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor has a standard design with a hydraulic fill located at the top of the transmission. To fill the engine with hydraulic fluid, remove the drain plugs from the transmission and at the back end because these are connected.

According to Massey Ferguson, hydraulic fluid checks and changes should be scheduled to ensure the best performance. Before adding new hydraulic fluid, check the level first and add the amount needed.
There is a specific type of transmission or hydraulic oil recommended by Massey Ferguson for their 135 tractors: the Permatran 821XL SAE 10W –30. This type of transmission oil is the best quality and will never leak compared to other types of transmission oils.

For the 135 tractors, you need 8 gallons or 30.3 liters of oil. Right after filling the hydraulic system with the right kind of oil, check the oil level once more. You should change the hydraulic oil and replace the hydraulic system filter element every 750 hours or earlier if you use your tractor more often.

Aside from hydraulic fluid and filter changes, you must also replace the steering filter element and the steering wheel oil. A complete inspection or replacement of the secondary air filter should also be done every 750 hours.

Where is the Fuse Box on a Massey Ferguson 135 MF?

Many are wondering about the location of the fuse box on a Massey Ferguson 135 MF. Well, the best way to determine its location is by checking the tractor’s manual. The tractor owner’s manual explains the location of each part involved in the unit. However, if you do not have the time to read the manual, you could simply do your research.

The fuse box on a Massey Ferguson 135 MF is located at the farther back portion of the operator’s seat which is right under the rear window. Simply press the latches so you can take off the trim panel. Detach the two screws that hold the trim panel in position and carefully lift it. You should be able to see the fuses underneath it, and it should be on the left side.

You should be prompt and eager in finding the location of the fuse box since fuses are very significant since, without them, some electronic stuff like the radio and lights may not work. Finding the location of the fuse box on a Massey Ferguson135 isn’t hard at all, especially if you know where to search for it.

Where is the Kill Switch on a Massey Ferguson 135?

Your Massey Ferguson 135 is composed of many interesting parts and one of these is the kill switch. But where can you actually find the kill switch on an MF 135 tractor? Gladly, the task of finding the said part is not that complicated. You will just have to familiarize the diagram of the Massey Ferguson 135 and you should be able to know the placement of its every component.

The kill switch is an important component so you should also know its location. The kill switch on a Massey Ferguson 135 is located at the back portion of the flywheel and towards the back of the tractor. You will normally see it concealed behind a little plastic cover.

The kill switch wire extends from the kill switch itself throughout the flywheel to the front of the tractor where you can find the ignition coil. Furthermore, the kill switch is connected to the circuitry of the engine through a wired system. Once the switch is assigned as “closed”, the common electrical circuit in the spark plugs can be over. However, if the kill switch is assigned as “opened”, the electric circuitry is obstructed from creating the combustion that operates the engine.

Where is the Serial Number on a Massey Ferguson 135?

Do you know what is the serial number of your Massey Ferguson 135? If not, would you know where to find this important information? The Massey Ferguson 135 is a famous model and it could be necessary to learn basic information about it such as the serial number.

The Massey Ferguson 135 was developed from 1964 to 1975. This model is the descendant of Massey Ferguson 35. Identifying the serial number of the tractor is the best way to recognize the unit.

To learn about the serial number of your Massey Ferguson 135, check on the instrument panel underneath the steering column. You may also find the serial number of your tractor on models right on the right portion of the engine, underneath the battery tray. However, it can be quite challenging to check the serial number of your tractor, especially if the unit is already old. There is a good chance that the serial number could have faded, hence, you must get the details accurately. If you find it difficult to determine any figure, consider rubbing the number using a pencil and thin paper. This approach could help you.

Where is the Temperature Sensor Located on a Massey Ferguson 135 Gas Tractor?

Familiarizing the parts of your Massey Ferguson 135 could be necessary especially during troubleshooting. Likely, you must know their locations.

Your temperature sensor has a very significant role. It is designed to let you know about the current temperature of the engine during use. A reading of overheating or coolness is necessary and can be gauges of the status of the tractor. Hence, it is a part you should not take for granted. You have to be particular with its functionality and at the same time its placement so you can easily inspect it.

So, go to the spot where you can find the thermostat. You will then notice the flat portion at the back part of the thermostat hole. Your tractor’s temperature sensor must have an even ring encircling it. One of its sides seals the even bottom of the thermostat hole while the other side is seen on the end part of the hollow nut.

The use of an appropriate temperature sensor can save you a lot of money on the reconstruction of the motor.

Where is Thermostat on Massey Ferguson 150 Q65 135?

Get to know more about your Massey Ferguson tractor by identifying its components as well as their locations. A thermostat, for instance, is an important part as it facilitates the correct operating temperatures. But do you know where to find this part on your tractor?

Well, the thermostat on Massey Ferguson 150, Q65, and 135 is situated in the cast-iron body that is found between the cylinder head and the top part between the upper radiator hose and the cylinder head on both the diesel and gasoline engines. There could be instances wherein your thermostat would need replacement, that is why you must know where to locate it.

The thermostat is directly found on the rail of the rushing liquid. It has a bi-metallic disc that opens if absorbed in a fluid of an extreme temperature. It then closes once the fluid’s temperature decreases lower than the predetermined level. If the thermostat needs replacement, do not forget to only use a new gasket between the cast-iron body and the head. Tuck in the radiator hose as well as the hose clamps. Use another hose and fasten the clamps, whenever you find it necessary.

Where is Voltage Regulator on Massey Ferguson 135?

It would be an advantage if you know the components of your Massey Ferguson 135 since each of them portrays an important role. The voltage regulator, for instance, is an important part.

Well, the voltage regulator should be a small silver box situated in the engine close to the carburetor. You will find a reading of around 14.5V DC in the battery with all things connected and the engine set at full throttle. If the reading is below 12V, detach the regulator and inspect through the two yellow wirings, and not on the ground. However, if you get around 25VAC, it could mean that the regulator is damaged.

However, if you want to be thoroughly guided in finding the voltage regulator in your tractor, the best thing to do is to refer to the tractor’s owner manual. You should be able to see important lectures there. You have to know where to find the voltage regulator as it may be necessary for troubleshooting purposes. It will be easier to fix some issues concerning your regulator if you know where to access it.

Where Should the Wires On My Massey Ferguson Tractor 135 Light Switch Connect To?

The Massey Ferguson tractor 135 has a very straightforward electrical diagram. The lighting switch is one of the newest components in this model and wires that connect to the light switch are wires that lead to different lighting components.

The red wires connect the switch to the plow lamp and wires with different colors like black, red, blue, and white, connect the switch to the left and right headlamps.

The MF 135 switch has controls for a high and low headlight beam. The switch can be clicked three times to control the lamps and beams. One-click is for low beam or work mode, two clicks are for the high beam and another click activates the high beam and tail lights or the road mode.

The Massey Ferguson 135 is also available in export models and these have high and low beams as these tractors are meant to ride on roads. Meanwhile, US-made Massey Ferguson has a single-position light switch. Aside from the lighting, export modes have additional lighting, reflectors, and a hand brake. You also have an option to choose the type of operator cab you want.

Where to Fill a Massey Ferguson 135 Power Steering Pump

Modern engines such as the Massey Ferguson are equipped with a power steering pump. They are designed to help the driver to steer the car easily by gently turning the wheel. The power steering pump of the model works by using the hydraulic pressure in moving a piston that is connected to the steering gears. In turn, the gears turn the tires.

The cars’ power steering fluid lasts for a long time, even lasting even more than 100k miles. The power steering fluid can be replaced at the intervals which are specified in the manual of your car. The replacement may also be necessary if the fluid is already dark and looks dirty. Since the power steering fluid is not being used in the same way as gasoline does, there is no need for refilling unless the level is already low caused by a leak.

When filling a Massey Ferguson 135 Power Steering Pump, it is recommended to use the right type for your specific car model because the pump might no properly function when a different fluid type is used. You can check out the manual of your car to get the accurate information that you would need to fill your Massey Ferguson 135 Power Steering Pump.